10 Cheap & Cheerful Online Fashion Boutiques!

10 Cheap & Cheerful Online Fashion Boutiques!


As an avid Wendy Williams fan, I decided to borrow one of her favorite phrases “cheap and cheerful” to describe the type of fashion stores that I patronize when I’m looking for clothing that is super trendy or youthful, and that I know I will not necessarily get a lot of wear.  Yes, I will scavage the sale racks at Nordstrom for a good Tracy Reese dress (one of my favorite designers) but for things like crop tops, platform sneakers, or graphic tees…I’m surely not trying to break the bank!  Also, sometimes I just want to break away from the monotony of the same old stores in my local malls selling the same old things year after year.  So here are a few of my favorite inexpensive online fashion boutiques!

10 Cheap Trendy Online Fashion Boutiques - Longing 4 Length

1. ASOS. If you are a fashionista, chances are you already know about this huge online British based site.  I like them because unlike a lot of cheap and cheerful places, their quality is not. I’ve purchased a few pair of peg leg trousers and they were lined, washed extremely well and came in a variety of colors for only $30 each!  ASOS has a great “runway” feature; while previewing their clothing you can see most items modeled on the runway so you can get a better visual of the make, style and fit of the piece.  Ingenious! Plus they do have a plus sized and petite section for those with special fit needs.

Cheap Online Fashion Boutiques

2.  Go Jane.  My favorite place for cheap shoes and where I got super cute draped sweater featured in one of my fitness posts!  Go Jane reminds me of an online Forever 21.  Young, trendy, not the highest quality.  So it is best for items that are not worth the investment or are so cute you can’t pass it up.  I have a couple pairs of platform sneakers, open side loafers and a hard clutch – all things I’m not wearing to work and don’t know if the trend will even be around for two seasons.*

3. TopShop.  A celebrity fashionista favorite seen on Rihanna, Solange and Adrienne Bailon, TopShop is a great place for unique trends that sell out rather quickly.  I don’t own anything from TopShop but I find myself window shopping there often (do you still calll it window shopping when its online?).

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4.  SheInside.  This store is also young, trendy and hit-or-miss quality but they have something unique – they offer new sale items nearly everyday, plus many additional discount opportunities.  Their sizing is junior, so those of us with grown women curves may not appreciate their fit, but I ordered a dress and was satisfied with the quality for the price.  We’ll see how it washes but if it holds up, I’ll definitely return for an item here and there*.

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5.  Daily Look.  This is like the older, more sophisticated sister of SheInside.  The selection is more extensive, the quality is higher and it caters towards young women rather than teeny boppers but still on the trendy side.  Like SheInside, they have daily sale items and rotate their stock often so if you see something you like, it is best to go ahead and scoop it right then*.

6.  Zara.  Although Zara does actually have retail locations in a few select cities, most people shop online with them.  I love Zara, it is trendy, but grown, the quality of the clothing is great and the prices make it even greater!  I have a few items from Zara and while window shopping in Chicago with my mother, she fell in love with the store and accused me of keeping good shopping secrets from her!  If you don’t know about Zara, you should definitely check it out!

Cheap Online Fashion Boutiques

7.  Mango.  While relatively inexpensive, the quality of Mango clothing is very nice and the styles offered are a bit more polished than a lot of online fashion boutiques.  I own a really cute jumpsuit and it is one of the most versatile pieces I own, it can be worn on a date, to the club, and even to church depending on how I accessorize.*

8. Victoria’s Secret.  Although VS is not technically an online boutique, you can only purchase their clothes and shoes online or through catalog which qualifies it in my book.  I am a long time fan of Victoria’s Secret clothing and shoe collections, the Colin Stuart brand is amazing!  Most items are under $100 and I’ve had sweaters, jeans, shoes, dresses – pretty much anything you can think of – from Victoria’s Secret for YEARS and the quality, fit and variety is great.

Sammy Dress Online Fashion Boutiques - Longing 4 Length

9. Sammy Dress.  I’ve ordered a three clutch bags from this China based wholesale boutique and only paid about $25 total!  True story!  The quality of the clothes is questionable, but they are a reliable Asian retailer with unbeatable prices for trendy pieces you don’t want to invest a ton of money in.*

10. Chic Nova.  My descriptions are getting  a little redundant at this point, but Chic Nova is another trendy junior-ish type of store that has new items added daily along with cute accessories at affordable prices.

(*)Denotes an affiliate relationship.

  • Li

    I like that you have 4 European stores:) mango, asos, Zara and topshop!

    • Yay! And I also love Dorothy Perkins…it just didn’t make it onto the list!

  • Fashion Pad

    I did not know about #s 5 and 10……headed there now, lol