20 Weeks Post Relaxer?!

20 Weeks Post Relaxer?!


Thank you ladies for continuing to visit, comment and interact with me this summer…despite my erradic posting!  Between my schedule and technology issues it has been challenging to post as often as I would like to.  I don’t say it a fraction as often as I think it, but thank you for your continued support.

Anyway, I wanted to chat with you regarding my hair.  As you know I’ve been in protective styles all summer – two sew in weaves and my good ole faithful Bay Breeze half-wig.  I took down my last sew in over Labor Day weekend after six weeks of wear; during the take down process, my hair felt so moisturized yet strong, I definitely stuck to my weave care regimen this summer!  I was super pleased with myself.  I did lose quite a bit of hair during the process but the majority looked to be shed hair (the bulb was still attached at the root versus breakage) so I was confident that everything is in order.   Of course I felt bald with all the shrinkage from TWENTY WEEKS OF NEW GROWTH!!!


Let’s just pause for a moment here…how the heck did I inadvertantly stretch for twenty weeks?!  I previously stretched about 24 weeks, using a sew in and wigs for the last 14 weeks, thinking bout all the fabulous retention I would have.  It turned out that during the sew-in take down and detangling sessions, I suffered a lot of breakage throughout my hair at the line of demarcation, causing the appearance of thin ends.  I then spent the next year and half growing and trimming the thinness away.  So I vowed never to stretch this long again unless I intended to transition.  I had no idea I was TWENTY weeks post relaxer until I drafted this post.  Seriously.  For some unknown reason I thought I relaxed at the end of May near my birthday.  It wasn’t until I went back through my blog that I realized I actually relaxed in April, not May!

So now, back to the story.  I have a lot of new growth, plus I used a growth aid in May, remember?  So after my initial take-down impression that my hair was kept well moisturized and conditioned while in the sew in weaves, I examined it closer when braiding it for my current style (full lace wig).  I noted breakage in my crown area in particular.  ‘NOT AGAIN’ I groaned to myself.  I am so happy with my retention from this summer – when I gently pull the length down I believe I am firmly full bra strap length – but what good will it do if after relaxing I have to trim off more than I grew?

Well, I have not hit the panic button yet, I’m still hoping that once I relax this upcoming Saturday that a regular 1-2″ trim is all that will be required.  If so, that gives me three months til the end of the year to regrow the trimmed hair which should still allow me to reach my goal of FINALLY achieving full BSL by the end of the year.

Let us pray…

  • Look at you! Doing good and can’t wait to hang with you today!

  • dessalina

    congrats hope u make it to bsl

  • Crossing my finger all will be well. I’m at 23 weeks myself and I’m stretching til my bday. I feel your pain. lol

  • Abbi N

    I really hope u didn’t suffer a set-back *fingers crossed*. (20 weeks is my goal this time around, taking me to December.) Good luck.

  • Beautiful Me

    I pray that you haven’t suffered a setback and that you’ll reach your goal by year’s end.

  • Briana NailACollegeDropOut

    I’m only 10 weeks post and im already dreading the whole sew-in take down process. I want to see how much growth I have but I’m too lazy to take out my weave right now. #lazygirlprobs

  • I can’t believe you’re 20 weeks post and look at that shrinkage! Fully cheering you on, fingers crossed that you haven’t suffered a setback

  • Yvonne Nkata

    oh wow 20 weeks! i am trying to go for that this time around using braids. Hope you get all you length!

  • That is some major shrinkage! The hair gods are on your side, I refuse to hear anything about a setback! BSL by the end of the year for you no is or buts.