2012 Hair Regimen: Kerapro, Ceramides & Bee Mine

2012 Hair Regimen: Kerapro, Ceramides & Bee Mine

I know some of you saw it coming, right?  I’ve followed the same basic regimen for my entire HHJ and been using the same staple products for at least a year or more now, and there was nothing wrong with my previous routine.  But either my hair needs have changed or I found something that my hair likes even better because my hair is just thriving right now.  So, my new hair regimen (at least until further notice) is as follows:

  • Detangle and prepoo with Hemp Seed Oil (or any ceramide-rich oil)
  • Wash & Deep Condition (with heat) once per week using Kerapro for dry-to-very-dry hair.
  • Apply a minimal amount of a moisturizing leave-in
  • Lock in moisture with Kerapro Anti-Frizz Elixir
  • Rollerset or Airdry Hair – no direct heat! (attempting this for the entire year)
  • Moisturize and seal as needed throughout the week (Bee Mine Luscious, Deja’s Hair Milk, or Hair & Scalp Moisturizer).
I will continue to relax at 10-12 weeks post using Mizani No-Lye Sensitive Scalp.  Prior to my relaxer:
  • Clarify & chelate
  • ApHogee 2 Step Treatment.  This greatly decreases the amount of shedding and breakage I see during and immediately following my relaxer.
  • Restore moisture by deep conditioning with Bee Mine Bee-U-ti-FuL Moisturizing Deep Conditioner.
  • Correct my porosity using Roux Porosity Control
  • Post relaxer wash day, I will chelate again to remove the mineral deposits of the no-lye relaxer and then proceed with my normal weekly routine with Kerapro.
The tab at the top of my blog will be updated to reflect my new regimen.  To me, both are similar but my product list has decreased so it may seem this new reggie is a little simpler.  If you have been following my blog since at least August, you know the circumstances that led to these changes.  For more information, please search the blog for posts containing key terms: thin ends, ceramides, Kerapro, and rollersetting.

And just for kicks today’s high bun:

  • Very solid reggie!

    Can’t wait to see what this year has to hold for all of our hair!!

  • I agree with ^^ Shika, very solid regimen. I’m so excited for the new year

  • Regimen looks very simple and should yield awesome results!

  • I like how your regimen is very simple and easy to follow through with. I can’t wait to see how the rollerset challenge with help our hair.