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10 of My Favorite Fashion Blogs

I used to have a magazine addiction, dating way back to middle school when I subscribed to Right On! and Seventeen.  Through the years my addiction grew, in college I had at least three subscriptions plus the pile of random mags I’d pick up at the checkout line.  I loved knowing the latest trends, getting style inspiration and seeing what celebrity wore what.  I’d pour through the beauty section, hoping to see at least one suggestion for black skin or hair (usually I’d end up disappointed) and I’d mark up the shopping pages.  Now in the age of the internet, blogs have completely replaced that addiction.  Thanks to my favorite fashionistas, I know the latest trends, I get the inside scoop on fashion shows, store openings, and celebrity style.  I constantly get outfit ideas and overall style inspiration and I believe it has been reflected in my wardrobe.  I already thought myself to be pretty fashionable but now, I believe I’m a trendsetter…well as close as someone in my profession can be day-to-day, lol!  Anyways here are 10 of my favorite fashion bloggers, again not nearly all that I follow but this is a great list to get you started.

Hot Prices, Haute Fashions at SheInside

  1. Ty, Words & Wardrobes – her writing style is impeccable!
  2. Eboni, The Fashionista Next Door – how can I not love someone who shares my name?!
  3. Naja Diamond, From Combat Boots 2 Stilettos – such a girlie girl with a cute sassy style.
  4. Chastity, Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style – a true trendsetter and absolutely NOT “for a plus sized girl”
  5. J. Jehanne, Comme Coco – great style and she’s as pro-Black as me! Shout out to Haiti!
  6. Leslie, Fashion du Jour – inspiration + fashion!!!
  7. Marina, Fashion.Makeup.Lifestyle – I love the way she caters to her Spanish speaking fashionistas.
  8. Roni, Style & Poise – I’ve yet to see a “miss” with any of her outfits.
  9. Jeimy, Jeimy’s Fashion Love Affair – Body skimming and girlie all day, everyday!
  10. Kela, Kela’s Kloset – I’d wear everything in her “kloset”, literally!
Now, don’t blame me if you find yourself suddenly shopping like you have an unlimited supply of money.  I am warning you, each of these ladies is extremely fashionable and if you aren’t careful you may drive yourself into the poor house!
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  • http://twitter.com/StyleChic360 Inez

    Great list! These are my favs too!


  • http://www.commecoco.com/ JenniJP

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I really appreciate this and Im glad that you enjoy. You know you are my hair guru and I appreciate you always answering my questions because I know Im annoying with them :) Thank you so much again for this and Im going to check out the 3 on this list that I have not visited before!

  • http://www.commecoco.com/ JenniJP

    so just checked out Ty of Words and Wardrobes and yup shes been added to my go to blogs on Bloglovin! LOVE

  • http://www.commecoco.com/ JenniJP

    omg and Kela’s Kloset is AMAZING! sorry for the million comments… I get really excited to have new blogs to stalk ;)

  • http://heartprintandstyle.blogspot.com Vivi N

    You see, now I gotta check out some more blogs and mentally add them to my list. Thanks for this post!

  • Chastity Valentine

    Thank you for the inclusion Ebony!

  • Style & Poise

    Hey Eb!!! Aww thanks so much hon’! I love all the ladies you’ve listed too :-)


  • Kim Fancy

    Oh my goodness, I used to love Right On magazine! Lol.

  • Jazzy

    We have so much in common Ebony! My first magazine subscriptions were Seventeen, YM and Teen magazines. I love alot of the ladies mentioned above. I must also add a couple more of my favs…Jillian from NuSophisticate.com, Dominique from stilettoesq.com and Candice of the ChicSavant.com.

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  • Kela Walker

    i said it over social media and I never stopped by but better late than never to say THANK YOU for this feature!! I was and still am super stoked to have made the cut!!! Thank you!!

    Kéla Walker