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Loving My Bob

The other day I was thinking about my hair and reflecting on the fact that we are already half way through 2013…time has flown!  I also realized that essentially I have been protective styling my hair about 95% this year. Never in a million years would I have thought that I’d hide my hair for this long!!!  Basically I’ve been lazy and opting for wigs and weaves is easier than doing my real hair every week and secondly I am SO focused on length retention!  Another factor is most of the styles I’ve been coveting lately could only be achieved with a wig or weave.

Once I realized that at the summer’s end, I will have protected my hair for 9 out of 12 months I figured why not keep going?  And not just regular protective style like buns and updos but LONG term protective styles where my hair is not being manipulated for at least a month at a time.  I’m so ready to achieve and finally claim bra strap length hair already…and I know it will be a while before I am satisfied with the length overall (trims, growing out some layers, etc) so why not push for all the retention I possibly can?  Plus I am having a LOT of fun with my weave and wigs!

So here’s the plan:  wear my bob sew in weave for six weeks (around July 12).  Remove and allow my hair to rest and recover for two weeks.  Install another sew in on July 26th with my Perfect Locks Virgin Indian Curly hair and this way I’ll also be able to give a better review of the hair since I’ll be wearing it consistently.  I plan to wear that hair for 6-8 weeks which takes me to about September 20.  Then I’ll relax my hair and braid it up to wear either a full lace or half wig depending on my mood for a month during which I’ll use my new growth aid.  In November I’ll install my 10 Minute Hollywood Sew In again which will take me to the end of the year for my final reveal!  I do plan to dust my hair (trim less than an inch) myself in between installations.

Your thoughts?  Think I can do it?  Summer = weave for easy swimming and outdoor activities.  Fall = wigs/one piece units so I can apply my growth aid?  Anyone want to join me?  I’m hoping to grow past BSL then have a big trim/cut at the end of the year taking me back up to BSL with beautiful ends.

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  • Cocokitten

    Is that a sew in, in the photo?

  • http://www.divinelycreatednaturalproducts.com/ Cynthia

    You have a great plan for your hair. I wished that I could do a sew-in for the summer but it is too hot for me to even try her in Atlanta! I will have to go with braids and buns lol.

  • Alexis

    I believe you got it. Good luck!!! You even got me considering to join you. Lol.

  • Raeshuna Collier

    I’m game to join you! I really need to do something with these ends and have been slacking off on the KISS Boot Camp. This will give me another good reason to keep up with protective styling and just keeping my hair up in general. I’m about to install another long term protective style as we speak! Good luck to you! I know you can do anything you put your mind to!

  • http://lushstrands.blogspot.com/ lushstrands

    Sounds good. I’m in!

  • http://www.blackhairinformation.com/ Alma

    That bob is lush! The protective styling reggie sounds good too. I can’t wait for you to claim BSL, trust me I will be jumping up and down with you, lol Good luck though.

  • http://www.healthyhairdiary.blogspot.com/ Healthy Hair Diary

    I may try this with you, I’ve been wanting to do a weave for months now.

  • Lydz

    I am right beside you on this one! Currently have kinky twists installed that I plan to wear until early August it will be 8 weeks, then let my hair rest for a week and do another long term protective style. Can we please have a front view of your bob? It looks really nice

  • Kristina Butler

    I’m in! I got my sew-in on May 20th and started giving some serious thought to taking it down already because I worry about how my hair is doing underneath, but I think I’m going to try to wait a few more weeks. I want Senegalese twists for my next style…I think…

    How do you plan on wearing it while it rests for that 2-wk downtime?

  • B Dav

    i’m DEF in! i am hiding til mbl and i need accountability!


  • LaToya Sheppard

    I am so with you! I have awful breakage in my crown area from improper detangling while stretching, and I had a lot of postpartum shedding, so I need that area to grow out, plus I want to reach APL and thicken my hair up. Right now I’m wearing Sensationnel Rio half wig. I also pulled out my L4L healthy hair handbook as a refresher because I feel like I’m back at square 1 with my hair.

  • http://www.curvesandconfidence.com BajanBeauty

    I have protective styled for TWO YEARS, I know you can make through the rest of the year. It actually doesn’t even bother me I just like convenience which I get from wearing lace fronts year round, but that might change soon because I thinking of getting sister locks!