2016 Year in Hair + 2017 Goals

2016 Year in Hair + 2017 Goals

Natural hair style ideas, longing4length
I am usually wearing a version of a twist out or rod set

Hopefully everyone had a blessed holiday season and happy New Year!  I definitely did and am feeling very grateful for the blessings in my life:  loving family, amazing mister and good health. While it may seem petty to some, I know all L4L readers understand that good health also includes hair health!  I’m so pleased with my latest length check and the overall state of my hair.  Let me review 2016 and talk about what is working for me.


Current Regimen:

  1. Prepoo with EVCO: Back to my regular prepoo versus oil rinsing, although I do still oil rinse on occasion
  2. Shampoo with sulfate-free shampoo: Currently loving Creme of Nature
  3. Deep Condition with Hot Head cap: Current staple is TGIN Honey Miracle Masque.
  4. Apply Leave-In Conditioner: I like using lotion leave ins versus liquid sprays, right now I’m loving Kinky Tresses.
  5. Seal with Oil: Fountain Oil Jamaican Black Hair Food is so necessary for the winter months when doing the LOC method!  I also use Nouritress Vita-Oil for the days when I need a lighter oil and I used it daily while wearing my hair straight.
  6. Spray throughout week: I typically use sprays to keep my hair moisturized between wash days.  As usual, my staples are Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In and Moisture Mist.
  7. Nouritress Hair Vitamins Plus. I’m finally using a hair vitamin regularly! No breakouts…in fact I think they are helping clear my skin!

Other Continued Staples:  Bee Mine products;  I always go back to these even while I am visiting other/new loves because they consistently work for me.  TGIN Products, Curls Botanical Gelee, Nouritress Hair vitamins, Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap, Fountain Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

What’s Working:

Twist outs and Rod Sets:  These are the two main styles I’ve been wearing since being fully natural.  They are easy to do and maintain, don’t require direct heat (although I do sometimes blow my hair out first) and they are low manipulation on my hair.  If it isn’t broke, why fix it?

Natural hair style ideas, longing4length
I am usually wearing a version of a twist out or rod set

Crown Twists:  If my hair isn’t “out” in one of my two go-to styles, then it is in a crown twist or two large flat twist style.  Protective style in two minutes flat!  My hair doesn’t have to be straight, stretched or even dry to achieve this look.

Mainly Moisture:  I don’t use protein based products very often at all.  Because my hair is chemical free (no relaxer, color, keratin or bleach) its needs don’t fluctuate as often.  Therefore, I am able to use the same products from week to week and my hair maintains its healthy state.

Minimal Direct Heat:  I’ve stopped blow drying my hair each week before styling.  Partly because it is getting longer so I don’t feel the need to do so to have the length and also because I’m pushing to reach my hair goals.  I’ve decided if I want to stretch my length, I’ll use my hourglass rollers to rollerwrap my hair.

Professional Trims:  I am not able to do my own trims, and I’m okay with that.  I always start but after a few snips I realize I’m not built for it.  I lack the patience required to do a thorough trim on my own head!  I went to the salon at the end of August and again at the end of December and both times the stylists have me great trims.

Plan for 2017

Trim regularly:  Instead of only trimming once per year, I plan to trim every four months in April, August and December.  I’m already on this schedule at it seems to be the right frequency for my hair so I will continue.


Protective Style:  I’ve had my mother and two cousins on hard-core long-term protective styling regimens with braids and crochet styles and all of their hair is thriving!  I’m at my own “critical” length where I start having trouble retaining length.  For me it is growing to and beyond Bra Strap Length (BSL) hair.  I’m able to achieve Arm Pit Length (APL) hair fairly easily but begin having breakage and thin/damaged ends before I reach BSL.  So I plan to protective style to help get me over that hump.  I plan to wear mainly in sew-ins, braids and crochet braids.

Hair Length Chart Longing 4 Length

Hair Vitamin:  Nouritress is my vitamin of choice because of its ingredients and that it does not cause my skin to break out, unlike other hair vitamins.  I’ll share more on why I chose to use this particular vitamin in the coming weeks.  I’ve never been consistent with any hair vitamins in the past but I think I will definitely see faster progress if I combine my protective styling with taking Nouritress Hair Vitamins Plus.

Goals for 2017:

Mid-back Length Hair: I have never in my life achieved middle back length hair.  As I stated above I always have trouble getting past the BSL hump, so my goal this year is to grow to middle back length with healthy ends.  I think this should definitely be achievable since I’m grazing BSL now.

Decrease Breakage:  Especially at the crown, which is the weakest area of my hair.  I plan to go back to using EVCO more frequently which is clinically proven to decrease hair breakage and also to be much more patient when detangling.  Lastly, keeping my hair tucked away should help with that as well.

So there’s the conclusion of 2016 plus my plan and goals for 2017 as far as my hair is concerned.  I’m happy with my progress and glad that wearing my hair in its natural state stops me from being so length obsessed (ahem….Longing 4 Length! Lol).  What are your plans for 2017?  How did 2016 go for you? Any lessons learned or successes you wish to share?
  • I’ll be using more coconut oil in my regimen this year too. Mainly as my weekly pre-poo. That and more regular protein treatments.

    • Hi Kim! What’s your favorite protein conditioner? I just tried a few new ones that I like so far…

  • Bee

    It’s great you know what works and what doesn’t. You’ve got this! Wish you luck with your MBL goal for the year. I love your length chart by the way, my fave so far. it’s now sitting pretty in my phone gallery.


  • Thank you for sharing these tips I actually learnt a lot from the post. However I am surprised you did not mention wigs as a protective style, any particular reason? Also please share how you will be using evco in your regimen.


    • Great question! I think I became “wigged out” after wearing them so long during my transition…for some reason weaves seem more attractive to me at the moment, although that will likely change! lol. I will definitely be using EVCO to prepoo and oil rinse. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Thanks for sharing this update and your 2017 goals. That plan well definitely lead to success. I wish you all the best and look forward to progress updates.
    2016 was a good hair year for me. I would have liked to trim quarterly but wasn’t consistent. One of my goals was big hair, and I felt like I achieved that. I’m carrying over health and aiming for even bigger hair in 2017.