4-N-1 Interchangeable Curling Iron Review

4-N-1 Interchangeable Curling Iron Review


Some of you may remember an interchangeable curling wand being on my wish list of items I would love to own.  I went back and forth about getting one for a while because I truly do not use direct heat on my hair regularly.  In addition, I already own several different sized curling irons and a regular conical shaped curling wand.  However, I am really bad with using curling irons (I end up with all kinds of dents) and have never been able to achieve the looks I want with the wand I already own.   It is probably is not a fault of the wand, I’m just not great with curling irons and such.  I wanted effortless beach waves, flowing curls and tight spirals….none of which I ever got!

Fahrenheit 4-N-1 Interchangeable Curling Wand Review

Since I’ve been protective styling with extensions and wigs…I decided the purchase was finally warranted because using direct heat on hair other than my own is perfectly acceptable!  After browsing through the reviews, I decided to purchase the Fahrenheit 4-N-1 Interchangeable Curling Wand from Amazon for $48 (shipping included).

It features:

  • Four Ceramic / Tourmaline interchangeable heads
  • Negative ions promote smoother, silkier hair
  • Includes graduated 1/2-1 inch, 3/4 inch, 1.25 inch & 1.5 inch Heads
  • Sleek, ergonomic, non-slip grip, designed for comfort & includes a heat resistant glove!
  • Professional Salon Model with Far-infrared technology for consistent heat distribution

The wand is packaged beautifully in a deluxe box with velvet lined inserts for each of the wand heads and base.  Changing the heads is a quick and easy process, simply press two release buttons and gently pull to remove then push the new head in place, which is confirmed with a click.  The iron is digital (which I LOVEEEE!) and displays the temperature setting.  It indicates with a color change whether the iron is heating or coooling.  I show you everything in the video below with a quick demonstration at the end (to see the full style, check out my review of Uniwigs full lace wig).

Words cannot express how much I love the results.  I finally am able to quickly and easily get natural looking curls and waves that last for days!  I’m extremely happy with my purchase, for under $50 I essentially got four tools and its interchangeability (yes, that is a word, I checked!) saves space and makes it great for storage and travel.  As I said, the only drawback I have right now is the lack of a compact carrying case or bag. I will be using this curling wand regularly as I plan to protective style with wigs and weave at least until my weight loss goal is met, which small breaks in between to enjoy my hair.  I’ll let you know after about six months of regular use how it is holding up.

You can grab the Fahrenheit 4-N-1 Interchangeable Curling Wand for $48 from Amazon.