6 Month Rollersetting Challenge!!!

6 Month Rollersetting Challenge!!!

Rollersetting Challenge
Rollerset Your Hair til Summer!
January 1 – June 21
Rollers have come a very long way.  They are so extremely versatile and can give a number of different looks.  Curls, spirals, waves, flips, and yes even straight!  They add smoothness to the hair, body, movement,  and volume.  The possibilities of different looks you can achieve using different rollers are endless.
Let me know that you plan to participate in this rollersetting challenge by December 31, 2011 by either leaving a comment below, through email (EbonyCPrincess@hotmail.com), on the YouTube video that will be posted this week, or by tweeting me (ECPrincess1).  You do not have to submit a starting picture, but please take a beginning photo for our final reveals at the end.  Even if you do not want your pictures posted, for YOUR personal journey, pictures are extremely important to help keep you motivated!  Remember when I showed you the comparison between my flexirod set last year and this year?
Here are the rules:
  • You must rollerset your hair at least once a month.
  • You must wash and deep condition your hair at least once a month.
  • You may do other styles, you are not limited to wearing rollersets exclusively.  For example, if you do a silk/roller wrap you are not restricted to wearing straight hair until your next wash day.  You may then pincurl, braid/bantu-knot out, or refresh the look by wearing rollers on dry hair overnight.
  • Rollersets may be done on wet or dry hair.
  • When setting wet hair, do it no more than once a week.  We want this to be LOW manipulation so our hair will flourish!
  • Check in at the VERY least monthly here on Longing4Length but you can also update as often as you like on your own blog or YouTube channel, or by Tweet Pic (just as soon as I figure out how to use it! lol)
  • Flat ironing is permitted FOR YOUR ROOTS ONLY!  If you are unsure how to rollerset and flat iron just your roots, check out this awesome video by Lonei (esp at 9:40).  This applies to naturals, relaxed, transitioners, long-term stretchers, all of us!
  • You may use direct heat only twice in the entire 6 month rollersetting challenge.  The point is to limit direct heat usage.  Of course, hooded dryers do not count but you may also use a diffuser with a blow dryer to quickly dry an area that may be damp after rollersetting.
  • There will be an official monthly check in here with prizes given each month – so please stay plugged in!  I have some FABULOUS prizes in mind!
Types of Rollers:
There are SO many options for rolling your hair these days.  I swear I must own 90% of them too! lol.  Here are some (but not all) examples of the types of rollers you may use:
Flexirods (aka Soft Twist Rollers)
Curlformers* (if you are interested a generic version is available cheaper on ebay here)
Straws (for straw sets)*
Hot Rollers (a study I read showed that hot rollers do not cause damage as their heat is less than 200 degrees)
Hot Tools Soft Touch Rollers (longer versions of the pillow rollers, also satin covered)
*denotes rollers I do not own, all the others I have and will be incorporating into the challenge.
I personally do not recommend uncovered sponge, velco, self gripping or rollers with teeth, particularly on wet hair.
What are your goals? Leave a comment below.
Some things I’d like to know are your goals for the rollersetting challenge.  Length, thickness, health, better ends?  To teach yourself how to rollerset?  To refrain from using direct heat?  To force yourself to be consistent with a regimen?
My Goals:
I believe that my hair retains length best and is its healthiest while wearing rollersets.  So my goals for the challenge (in no particular order because they are all important to me) are to:
  1. Retain length
  2. Maintain healthy ends!
  3. Increase thickness
  4. I do not want to use direct heat at all the entire six months.  We’ll see!
  5. Decrease manipulation.  I would like to reduce my combing, and while wearing the curly styles I don’t comb at all.
  6. Decrease breakage and shedding – directly related to #5.  I break and shed more when I manipulate more.
  7. Challenge myself to be creative and use all my rollers!  lol.
I will do a separate post with tips for rollersetting, some I’m sure you’ve heard but a few that are not as well known that I think make a huge difference.  So be on the look out for that.  I know this may seem like a huge commitment but it will probably be easier than you think!  The more of us there are, the more inspiration we will have so let’s do it!  I am excited to see how my hair will improve in these 6 months!
Who’s with me?
  • I’m in, I’m in! You already know I love roller sets. I just don’t do them as frequently as I should because I’m a slow setter and it’s taking my hair longer to dry and I don’t like sitting under the dryer for upwards an hour and a half! But roller sets are great for my hair so I’ll shirk of the laziness and join the challenge.

    My goals:
    • Retain every inch I grow.
    • Reach mid-back length by June 2011
    • Do a successful flexi-rod set!
    • Wear my curls (I normally wrap my hair after I set but I want to start wearing them out)


    PS don’t be surprised if you see a badge for your roller setting challenge pop up on my blog… I’m a dork like that lol!

  • I am in. I have been trying to get a nice set on my transitioning hair, but the JC wrap didn’t work. Will try this week w/ out any setting lotion, just AVJ and water like in the roller set video.

    Thanks will start gathering different types of curlers.


    1) Low manipulation
    2) No direct heat
    3) Growth to SL out of my asymmetrical cut
    4) Grow in my edges that fell out from stress while working on my Masters, growing in now. Also my eyebrows fell out too, they’re growing back too.
    5) Also want to wear more protective styles.

  • My goal is to retain length and have healthy hair. My hair is APL in the back and SL in the front. I would like to get full APL/ BSL. I have not done a roller set yet. I am going to have to watch some tutorials. I am in.

  • I am in! I have been trying to learn how to rollerset for the longest! You rollersetting divas make it look so easy! I am determined to get it! I have millons of rollers, and flexi rods. I just bought a rollaround dryer.


    No direct heat
    Retain length(Trying to get to APL)
    Overall healthy hair
    Keep a consistent regimen

    I am looking forward to all of your tips, advice, etc!

  • I am down for the cause!! I’m thinking about buying some of the generic curlformers in a few weeks… after I get and use my flexi rods…


    Retain Every INCH!
    Use only ONE heat pass (gotta choose wisely!)
    Roller-set every two weeks at least
    Keep up with my regimen.

  • Deb

    I will say that I am hesitant, because I am new to roller-setting. But the last one turned out great and I really want to decrease my direct heat use, so…I’m in!

    Retain length (I want to be full neck length soon)
    Decrease breakage and shedding
    Less manipulation (I just can’t keep my hands off my head!)

    I’ll be tracking on my blog, http://prettifulme.blogspot.com

  • I’m in! My goals are to 1. retain length, 2. keep up with my regimen 3. have healthy hair especially ends 4. get to APL by the end of the 6 months.

    I dont use roller sets often, I think the styles are cute but I always refrain from doing it because after sleeping on it for a few days its like the hairstyle is gone and I dont know what to do with my hair at that point. Ive done braid outs and bantu knots but have the same problem. Hopefully I can figure out a way to make it work for me for the challenge

  • i tried to do a roller-set challenge when i started my HHJ and i wasn’t successful. I hate my hair dryer! GL on this!

  • ALRIGHT! So excited ladies – you guys have some awesome goals! Thank you for signing up, I promise we’re gonna have fun!

    @Charissa 🙂 – I completely understand. Check out the post I did this week on how to preserve your flexi rod set. It works for all curly styles:

  • I’m in!


    My goals for the 6-Month Rollerset Challenge:

    1. First off learn how to rollerset….LOL. I plan to do lots of youtube and hairboard research.
    2. Only use direct heat twice.
    3. Reach waist length!
    4. Finish a full bottle of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum…I’ve had this product for ages and not quite sure how to use it. It’s is supposed to reduce drying time

  • This will be my first challenge….so I am very excited. My #1 goal is to be able to be full BSL (I’m 6’3) and it has taken forever to get there. I am a little past APL now, and I want to retain my thickness and even out the back of my hair into a blunt cut. I suck @ roller setting but I have found a place where I can get it done for $15……so I am all in:) Good luck ladies.

  • I’m in! The only goal I have is to not cut my hair. This challenge will give me something to do with it so that I’m not completely bored, and have healthy hair in the process.


  • I really do want to join this challenge. Rollersetting has been so helpful in my journey. I am still wearing braids and won’t take them down until the end of this month and then go from there. I don’t know if I’m going to relax or get more braids / kinky twists. For now, I’m gonna watch from the sidelines, but join up later on if my hair plans change.

  • Count me in on the challenge. I am transitioning and I’ve already started rollersetting. I will continue until I at least get my sew-in (I don’t know when that will be).

    My goals: Transition
    Low manipulation
    Retain length

  • I’m all for doing this challenge. I just started my HHJ and was hesitant to join a challenge because I as wanted to work at my own pace. Now I think it may keep me motivated and steer me in the right direction.

    My goals:
    1. Reduce the amount of shedding
    2. Grow at least two inches and retain the length.
    3. Thicken my hair for a bit.
    4. Reduce manipulation.
    5. Learn to successfully roller wrap my hair.
    6. Gain some direction into my HHJ.

    Please follow my blog. I would appreciate any guidance u could offer.

  • I really want to do this! I actually never do anything to my hair besides rollersetting so that part is a shoe-in for me. My only goal is to take pictures and actually blog about it!

  • Will definitely be participating in this challenge!
    Stick to no-heat regimen
    Roller set after every wash
    Improve my roller setting skills….my ends look smooth and great but my roots can b fuzzy sometimes
    Retain length through healthy ends!

  • Welcome ladies! To those who may drop in later, can’t wait to have you along.

    The goals are awesome so far! Keep em comin ladies!

  • I wanna participate too. Just started my HHJ so this will be my first challenge!! I’ll see how long I hold up (LOL) but I really want to retain length and regain body and movement cause my hair has been limp lately..

  • Ok, I am in too. My goal is healthy, fuller, longer hair.

  • I’m IN!

    My goals are to:

    Have healthier hair
    Reduce Tangles
    Get out of this styling hump
    maintain nice ends

    I plan to:
    Roller-set biweekly with magenetic rollers or flexi rods or blowdry on cool air and use Caruso’s

    I’m excited! Of course pics will be posted on my blog!

  • Hey Ebony,
    I am in sounds great, I just relaxed today 12/15/2011 so this challange with go great with my six month stretch. I am not really good at the actual roller setting, but you know I love to use my flexi-rods!! Hope you are enjoying your prizes from my last contest!! TTYL!!!

    My goals are:
    1.To be BSL at the end
    2. maintain my ends
    3. Have Healthier hair
    4. I also want to try and use no heat for the next 6mths (wish me luck!! LOL!)

  • Ok… I’m IN! Even though all I do are roller sets with curlformers, I had to think hard because six months is a long time.

    My Goals:

    1. Continue my transition
    2. Reduce breakage
    3. Simplify my regimen
    4. Make the curls last longer
    5. Find creative ways to recover after the curls fall

  • I’ve always had a problem airdrying: I’ll try it one more time and if it doesn’t work, I just might join the rollersetting challenge: it seems pretty easy. Not too many rules.

  • Kim

    I’m going to join in on this one. I’ll be using Magnetic Rollers, Flexirods, and Caruso Steam Rollers.

    My Goals
    1. Find the best combination of products for rollersets.
    2. Learn to do a flexirod set on wet hair.
    3. Use my Caruso rollers more often.
    4. Improve my styling skills.

  • I’ve decided to join this challenge. I’ll be using magnetic rollers, curlformers, Flexi rods, perm rods and Caruso rollers.
    My goals are:
    *length retention/ maintain healthy ends
    *increase thickness and improve health of my bangs
    *become comfortable roller setting
    *eventually to roller set primarily or at least 2-3x month after the challenge

  • Bri

    I’d love to join this challenge. I have flexis, and I hinted at my bf to get me some magnetic rollers for Christmas (lol) so I will use those as well.
    My goals
    1. health
    2. help with my tangle prone hair.
    3. less heat
    4. I already know how to do a curly set well but getting a roller set straight is where I have trouble, so this challenge will help me with styling.
    5. Help grow out the sides of my hair.
    6. A little thickness wouldn’t hurt.

  • Pamela L

    Count me in. For the challenge I will use magnetic rollers, curl formers and flexirods.

    My goals are:
    1. Achieve thickness
    2. Healthier and thicker ends
    3. Gain length
    4. Reduce shedding
    5. Overall health
    6. Learn creative ways to style my hair. I’ve been wearing wigs since May 2009 (no mainpulation) and my hair has grown from NL to APL. Yay!!!! It’s now time to wear my hair a little more often and rollersetting is where I’m starting.

  • Hi, I’d like to join!
    My blog: http://amateurdreams.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/6-month-rollerset-challenge/

    My goals
    1. Learn how to do a flexirod set on wet and dry hair.
    2. No direct heat.
    3. Reach shoulder length (again)
    4. Find the best combination of products for rollersets.
    5. Improve my styling skills.

  • Manuella

    Hiiii (:
    I’ll send my picture on the 30th after I’ve relaxed my hair.
    My goals for this challenge are:
    – learn how to properly rollerset, I love the results but I’m no that good at it plus it takes me 2 to 3 hours to do my whole head!
    – of course using even less direct heat (which I don’t use that much anyway)
    – have new ways of styling my hair
    – help me stretch (but we’ll see about that)
    The only reason why I hesitated was because it takes me so long to rollerset, and I wash my hair more than once a week (especially because I go to the gym), I felt that I would not properly enjoy the fruit of my labor lol
    Thanks for the challenge

  • Yayy! Great gift.

  • I’m in. This is going to be a challange but I think with so many other ladies doing; I can do it with great sucess.

  • I will send a picture the 1st of the year.

  • I’m in!!!

    My Goals:
    1. Retain Length
    2. Grow to full SL
    3. Get Creative

  • I will be joining in. I will master the rollerset… Lol

  • Please count me in!
    My goal is for thick, healthy, long hair!
    I will purchase some more rollers today.

  • Can I join now? I forgot to by the 31st, but I have a starting length pic and everything.

  • kind of late on this 🙁 but I am gonna try to jump in as I have been doing rollersets and twist outs only so far this year

  • Hi Ebony,
    I just came across your blog. Love it so far. Quick question, is it too late to join the challenge? I just started my hair journey January 1st. I have been rollersetting every week since. This weekend was my first airdrying experience. I’ll let you know how it goes once I take the bantou knots out. Thank You for all your great advice.

    • Hi Empress, thanks for visiting and I’m glad you are enjoying! Yes ma’am you can still join. Glad to have you along 🙂

    • Thank You. I’m not great at pictures but I’ll try my best to get it to you as soon as possible. I’ve just liked your page on Facebook. My first attempt at air drying did not go so well. My roots and hair were straight but my ends look so raggedy. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • I’m joining in on the challenge even though I’m late. Where do we give monthly updates?

  • Checking in late although I have already started it on my own. My goals are to have thicker hair with less breakage. And to make mid back length this year: am going till Christmas by God’s grace. There’s no better way to achieve lasting curls than rollerset ting so why not? Tk care dear

  • Alyssah

    Okay so…I just found your vids on YT today and I immediately joined your blog. I just love you attitude and personality! I had already started rollersetting my hear since my last relaxer Feb 11, 2012. Is it okay if I join the challenge? I would love the support and to see the progression of others. 🙂

    My goals are:
    1. Retain length
    2. Use little to no heat
    3. Low manipulation
    4. Be creative and stretch my imagination 🙂

    • Alyssah

      Sorry I meant to type *hair*

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