7 Tools That are Essential to My Hair Journey

7 Tools That are Essential to My Hair Journey

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There is a lot of emphasis on products in the healthy hair world, which are your favorites, your staples, what do you hate, reviewing new things.  I understand it, but honestly there are a LOT of good products on the market for Black hair these days, something that has changed within the last few years.  So knowing the “best” products isn’t as important or hard to determine as it used to be.  However, the tools you arm yourself with for your healthy hair journey is extremely important and there are certain items that I deem to be essential for my hair.  I’ve posted ‘High End Hair Tools for Low End Prices‘ and while I love each of those items, I do not think you have to own each for your personal hair journeys.  That being said, some of the items I really wish that I had bought much sooner because they have made a huge difference in my hair – health, appearance, and length retention. (read more after the break)
  1. Seamless Hair Combs.  I doubt there is a Black woman alive who does not own a wide tooth comb, so I was never concerned with purchasing ones that specifically stated “seamless.”  Plenty of ladies achieved long, healthy hair using regular old shower combs from their local drugstore and their hair looks awesome, so I never gave it any thought.  Ms. D from 6 Foot Long Hair introduced me to the Hercules-Sagemann combs and I promise, I will be forever indebted to her!  While the combs from this company (and others that sell seamless combs) may seem a bit pricey – I noticed an immediate difference with my very first use.  Broken hair when combing no longer exists, I see a huge reduction in the amount of hair in the comb, and detangling feels so much smoother.  As you probably know from my review and detangling methods, I think these combs are worth every. single. penny.
  2. Heat Tool for Deep Conditioning.  I happen to own three:  hooded dryer, electric heating cap and steamer, plus there is the hair wrap as well.  Believe it or not, I use all three of the devices I own but really only one is necessary.  But yes, at least one is necessary to get the most effective deep conditioning – heat opens your hair cuticles and allows your conditioner to penetrate much more deeply.  If I had to recommend just one, I would say invest in a good hooded dryer (either standing or tabletop) because it has the most uses: rollersetting, speeding up airdrying, and deep conditioning.  If you are going to get two items, I definitely recommend a steamer for amazing moisturizing deep conditioning.
  3. Satin Scarves and Pillowcases.  My friends tease me mercilessly and guys do as well, knowing that my head never hits the pillow without satin covering it.  Again this is most important for the health of my hair, not stripping it of moisture or roughening the cuticle causing split ends but it also helps in the preservation of styles and keeping my hair looking its best also.
  4. Rollers for Setting:  Magnetic, plastic mesh, wire mesh, curlformers, flexirods, and others – there are so many rollers and rods out there so deciding which ones to buy is up to you and your hair.  I think owning some type of rollers that you can create sets with is essential because it helps to stretch, straighten and smooth your hair without direct heat.  For my hair specifically, this means less tangling and single strand knots, healthier ends, all while I enjoy my hair because I love rollerset styles.
  5. Soft Rollers.  As usual, I went overboard in this area – owning satin pillow rollers, conair soft touch rollers, flexirods, satin covered sponge rollers and Wrap Snap & Go rollers, and as usual again all of that isn’t necessary.  However, I do think having some form or rollers you can sleep comfortably in is essential.  You see how much I like to style my hair.  Being able to roll it overnight for curls in the AM and not worrying about direct heat is very important.  Whether the curls come out exactly as you planned or not doesn’t matter, when you have resulting curls you can always pull them up, pin them back, push them to the side to create a cute wearable look and sleeping in rollers overnight saves me so much time and panic in the morning!
  6. Professional Scissors.  I’ve fairly recently began dusting my own hair every 4-6 weeks or so.  I had done it a few times within the first couple of years of my journey but never regularly and previously I used the inexpensive Conair (type) of hair scissors from Wal-Mart or even my local BSS.  After I went in for a trim in February and left with a cut I decided that I would try my best to only have my hair trimmed by my trusted stylist in NJ and maintain in between with self dustings.  I invested in a pair of professional hair shears – didn’t break the bank or anything – and again it was one of those things that made my mouth drop open and say wow.  The preciseness of the cut, the bluntness of my ends – I realized there is a difference between cheap and more expensive scissors regardless of whether or not you use them only for hair.
  7. Ouchless/Metal Free Hair Ties.  I did a review on the new rubberized hair ties a while back and I do love those but any hair elastics that do not have metal parts are essential for EVERYBODY’S hair journey.  Why do they even still sell elastics with metal?!  I have yet to use one that does not pull any of my hair out.  This is one item I can say hands down, everyone needs in their arsenal.
There are other items of course like blow dryers, flat irons, steam rollers, clips and clamps, hair accessories, wigs and much more.  I am not saying those items are not important at all, but if I had to pick the top seven based on my hair – none of those makes the list.
What do you think of my list – anything I did not mention that is a must have item for your hair?
Please share, it could help someone else!
  • Rollers for setting my hair are definitely one of my essentials. I’ve been meaning to buy a seamless comb for ages now but haven’t been able to find one where I live. This post is spurring me to order from online…rush delivery too! lol 🙂

  • Candice

    I finally caved and purchased some seamless combs, still didnt get the ones that I wanted (jumbo rake and 1975) but I took what I could get before I chicken out due to price. Now I’m super excited to get them, gonna have to wait a while for it to come to Trinidad.

    • You are gonna love them. Let me know which you chose to get!

  • Can I link some of your posts? My fellas need some of these tips.

  • Enigma

    I ordered 2 Hercules Sagemann combs in July and they haven’t arrived, I’m bummed but still believe it will arrive my country. Otherwise I will have to re-order *le sigh*

    Can you tell I’m a lurker!! Lol Your blog is awesome Ebony.

  • I have to invest in some good shears. I recently clipped my own ends for the first time out of desperation. My ends were a hot mess but I did it with some low budget shears it did the job, but I’m sure it would have came out better with some real shears. Good post!

  • Ebony, which combs did you purchase from the website? I’m looking at the website and there’s so many I don’t know what to choose.