A Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair

A Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair


Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length I’ve been natural about 5 years now (including my transition) and I must say that I have had my share of highs and lows with my tresses. See I kinda have a love hate relationship with my natural hair. You may be wondering if that’s even possible but trust me it is.  My hair, just like with anything else in life when its good it’s good but when its bad oh man…it’s bad. And we all know how a bad hair day can affect everything else. I’ll even venture to say that I love my natural hair most days, but let’s be honest there are those times when I wish I either had just little hit of the creamy crack or a great pair of scissors.

Like any other naturalista, I love my natural hair when I’m having a good hair day. But the problem is good hair days only seem to happen when I have absolutely no where important to go…this is where the hate relationship begins. My curls are poppin’, moisturized and laying in place while I’m sitting around the house in my PJ’s. And I’m really beginning to think my natural hair has a mind of its own (literally) and does this to me on purpose. It never fails and it kills me to just let perfect twist out, a bangin’ braid out or an outstanding up-do go to waste. Sometimes I end up just making an excuse to leave the house just to show off my hair. But I thank God for social media! Otherwise most of my good hair days would be a mythical illusion…lol.

And then there’s always the struggle of finding the perfect balance between well moisturized curls with few tangles and little to no frizz. It’s rare that it ever happens but it does; sad thing is, I never seem know exactly what I did to achieve what I like to call “natural hair perfection.” I’m sure most naturalistas can relate…it’s challenging to get it spot on every time. I’ve even tried journaling my hair practices and product combos and sometimes still don’t get it right.  Y’all know my motto; keep things simple when it comes to your natural hair regimen. So that’s exactly what I do but it’s apparent to me that my hair may have a personal vendetta against me and the love hate relationship isn’t just on my end.

A Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length (1)

Despite the love hate relationship I have with my natural hair, I’m determined to stick it out. Yes, I hate wash days, the detangling process, dry life-less curls and y’all know the list can go on. But I love my natural hair’s texture, versatility, uniqueness and boldness (just to name a few) even more! The love I have for my curls far outweighs the hate…even if my natural hair may be out to get me some days…lol.

Do you have a love hate relationship with your natural hair too?

What do you do to stay encouraged on while on your natural hair journey? What do you love most about your natural hair?

  • My hair is actually really predictable. I know that if I use a certain product, go out in certain weather, etc, EXACTLY what my hair will do. I guess that’s a benefit – but it’s also kind of boring… lol.

  • TamHa

    After almost 6 years natural (4a/3c), I can say that I finally say that my good hair days far outweigh the bad hair days. I had to just figure out what products and techniques work. Wash days are something I look forward to ), and my hair doesn’t really tangle anymore because I know what not to do that causes tangling. But yeah, I went through some times during year 3-5 where I was at a loss, so it does get better!