About the lack of HAIR posts…

About the lack of HAIR posts…


Longing 4 LengthSo, you may be wondering why its been a couple of weeks since you’ve seen a wash day post, hairstyle photos, or just a plain ole’ hair update from me.  Well, okay maybe you aren’t.  But if you are – its because my hair has been hidden.  I removed my sew in on June 30th, right before I went on vacation to Chicago (you may have seen a few photos on Instagram @EbonyCPrincess).  As I already expressed, I will update you on that process but in a nutshell it went smoothly.  I am VERY glad I decided to remove it when I did though because my real hair was beginning to mat beneath the extensions, probably due to all the moisture (pool, sweat from working out and washing) my hair had been receiving plus the fact that I have over an inch of new growth.

Weave Removal - VFH Bob-001 Once my hair was loose, I allowed it to air dry then flat ironed it relatively straight but I was very underwhelmed with the results.  It looked thin and lifeless to me; not sure what that’s about honestly.  I proceeded to dust my ends very lightly – taking off only about a half inch from the very tips of my hair then placed it in about 6 bantu knots.  I was really pleased with the results of the knots, the texture gave my hair the life I felt it lacked.

I wore the bantu knots in the car during the drive up to Chicago and removed for our family dinner upon arrival.  You’d think I’d have at least ONE good photo, especially considering my makeup was UH-MAZE-ING that night, right?!  Whelp, I guess I get a big #fail as a blogger…but the below is a photo of the fallen BKO after one of my “stellar” karaoke performances with my Mommy.

longing 4 length

While in Chicago I swam, went to a water park and bicycled with my mommy – all of which was so much fun!  The only hair product I packed were two packets of Optimum Care Deep Conditioner (perfect for travel!) and Bee Mine Luscious Cream Moisturizer.  I stayed with family and I knew they would have a sulfate shampoo for clarifying and I have given out whipped shea butter for the past two Christmases to everyone so that would work as my sealant.  After the first dip into the pool, I shampooed and conditioned overnight, airdried, applied whipped shea then braided my hair into a crown for the waterpark.  I did take a swim cap with me and it bothered me NOT one iota that I was the lone person in the park with one on!  I repeated the same process that night then pulled my hair into a low ponytail.

I LOVE this half-wig!
I LOVE this half-wig!

As for the rest of the vacation…I asked my mom if she picked up the package I had shipped to my aunt’s.  She said yes and handed it to me; inside was my good ol’ faithful Glance Model Model Cocktail Bay Breeze half wig.  My aunts and mom laughed because they knew I was the only person who would have hair SHIPPED to their location while on vacation.  They watched with amazement as I transformed from a homely wet ponytail to a fabulous hairstyle in a matter of minutes by simply applying the halfwig and a chain headband.  I knew my activities would involve water and didn’t want to waste a single minute of my family time with doing my hair so an inexpensive half wig was the perfect answer. Easy, quick and protected!


By the time I went cycling with Mommy, my hair was dry and felt super soft and moisturized.  I’ve been rocking with Bay Breeze ever since and removing and rocking the bun for tennis in the evenings.  I’m allowing my hair time to recover from the tension of braids before getting my next sew in which is the plan.  I have a good amount of new growth but I don’t think I want to relax it before braiding it up again.  Not sure yet though….we’ll see.

Adele Givens and I
Adele Givens and I

Oh…and I randomly ran into comedienne Adele Givens while grabbing food downtown.  She was super sweet and she’s natural!  Yes….I asked!

Sorry so LONG but I wanted to give it all to you at once!  What’s going on with your hair?

  • guyanesesista

    Great update! Girl I haven’t updated on my hair in a long time either. So many things going on.

  • I like your update. Sounds like you’ve been having a great time. Hopefully your hair isn’t as thin as you think. I’m looking forward to your future updates! 🙂

    • Thanks and you are so right, I’m hoping its all in my head!

  • S.O.S Hair

    Oh wow that half wig is too cute! You look like you had a great time!


  • Stephanie Mckenzie

    You already know thats my favorite go-to wig boo! Looks like you had fun… I’ve been wearing my hair in the infamous poetic justice braids for about 3 1/2 weeks, I will be taking them out tonight though…I need a good wash and set!

    • Thank you! I’m thinking of getting some braids soon too.