Pros & Cons of Wearing Full Weave with Closures

Pros & Cons of Wearing Full Weave with Closures


Many ladies are turning to full sew in weaves as a favored protective styling option, so I think a discussion on the pros and cons of wearing a full weave with closures is in order.  Personally I’ve been wearing sew-ins since high school, both full and partial but only recently has my first closure installed with my weave and I love it!

how to install a lace closure Closures, for those who are unfamiliar, are special hair units in which individual hair strands are attached (usually hand-tied) to a piece of material, most commonly lace or silk.  The most obvious advantage is that all of YOUR hair is braided flat against your head and the closure is sewn down, just like the wefted hair of the weave.  None of your real hair is left exposed, giving your hair the rest of a true protective style.  However, unlike full weaves of old, the closure gives you the freedom of being able to simulate a part in any direction which gives you additional versatility and a more realistic finished style.

With partial weaves, an area of the person’s hair is left out to cover the tracks sewn down to the rest of the hair.  Often times while wearing a weave, this section of hair – large or small – takes  a lot of abuse.  They apply heat and pile on gels and pomades in efforts to make their hair “blend” with the hair of their extensions.  They forgo their silk or satin scarves at night thinking that because they have a weave, this small area of hair won’t matter.  Wearing a full weave with a closure eliminates all of those issues.  You are able to maintain a relatively maintenance free style without feeling guilty about abusing your “leave out” area.  The textures match perfectly, you can use heat as often as you want and you have the freedom to color your install without worrying about it not blending with your natural hair color.  Sounds great, right?  What’s not to love?

Well, there is one thing.  While a good stylist can give you a flawless install initially, where the closure is virtually undetectable to even your closest friends and family – your hair will grow.  Most women wear their full weaves for about 8 weeks, during which time you will achieve about an inch of growth.  The closure, though flat and secure initially, will begin to lift away from your scalp as your hair grows.  So over time, the edge of the closure lifts higher and higher giving your hair a tell-tale “wiggy” appearance.  Of course you can do things to help flatten it, and make it appear more natural but there is no fighting it.  Your hair will grow and the closure will begin to lift.  It’s actually a good thing for YOUR hair but bad for the look of your weave.  Also, depending on the type of closure you choose, you may find it difficult to clean, condition and moisturize the area of hair beneath your closure.

So, let’s recap…

Advantages of Full Weave With Closure - Longing 4 Length

Just remember to properly care for your hair beneath the sew in and you are good to go!