All About Crochet Braids!

All About Crochet Braids!


Crochet braids have had a HUGE resurgence in popularity over the past few months.  You may remember this look from the 90s, but a few updates to technique and hair used has given the style completely new life!  As a refresher from my original post on crochet braids, the style is created by braiding your hair into a cornrowed base then loose hair is attached using a latch hook.  For more information on the basics, please check out that article. how to do crochet braids longing 4 length Okay, so you know how crochet braids are done, you see how easy they are to remove, but you still have more questions, right?  Great!  I’m here to help answer your burning questions and share a few great resources!

Frequently Asked Questions About Crochet Braids:

What type of hair should I use?  You have to use bulk (loose, unwefted) hair to do crochet braids.  You should use synthetic hair, currently the most popular options are marley and kinky hair, although kanekalon, curly and even straight hair give great results also.

How many packs will I need?  If you decide to use marley hair, envision your final look and how long you want the hair to be. Most ladies cut the hair in half to make the finished look fall about shoulder length or just below.  If you cut the hair in half, because of its full nature, you will need three, no more than four, packs.  If you choose to wear it long, double that amount.

How can I style the hair after installed?  Let your imagination rule!  Some ladies leave the hair loose and wild, some give it defined curls or waves by twisting or rodding the hair, then dipping it into steaming hot water to set the texture.  You can also pull it into buns or create intricate twisted updos.

How do I take care of my real hair beneath?  Just like wearing any other protective style, you have to remember not to neglect your real hair!  Before installing, make sure your hair is clean and properly conditioned.  Spray 3-4x per week with a water-based moisturizer or leave in conditioner and if needed, oil your scalp with a natural oil like coconut or olive.  For those who suffer with an itchy scalp, add a few drops of tea tree oil to your oil mixture as I demonstrated here.

How long should I leave them installed?  I suggest leaving crochet braids in no longer than 4-6 weeks.  Four if you do not shampoo your hair while wearing, six if you do.  This prevents your hair from becoming tangled, plus synthetic hair is not designed for long-term wear.

How do I maintain them?  Twist or pineapple the hair at night and cover with a satin bonnet.  Use water or an oil spray to refresh the hair as needed. Crochet Braids Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length - FabEllis

Here are a couple of great sites for additional information and photos:

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