Atlanta Exes Star Torrei Hart Talks Hair, Locs & Family

Atlanta Exes Star Torrei Hart Talks Hair, Locs & Family


Vh1’s new reality show, Atlanta Exes, is a spin-off of the Hollywood version and also features a group of women who were once married or engaged to famous entertainers.  Torrei Hart is one of the stars of the show and was once married to comedian superstar, Kevin Hart.  If you are a fan of Kevin’s comedy, then you are already familiar with Torrei as their relationship has always been a popular topic in his stand-up routines.  What I didn’t know by learning of her through his comedy sketches is that she has the most gorgeous head of locs to hit television!  Seriously!

You know someone’s locs are beautiful when you find yourself envying the look and style when you don’t have locs yourself.  Torrei’s hair is stunning!  Ms. Hart was gracious enough to chat a bit about her locs, hair and even her daughter’s hair during our interview.  Take a listen and read the highlights below:

L4L:  Can you share a bit of your hair story and share how you arrived at the decision to loc your hair?
Torrei: Sure.  Well my mother has had locs for probably about eight years now?  And I always wanted locs but being that I was in Hollywood, I was scared to get them because…I was thinking well what if I don’t get cast for a role or you don’t see many women like me on tv so will it go over well?  But one day I looked at my mom and she seemed so free!  She could go swimming, on vacation, if it started raining she would say she “Doesn’t need no umbrella! I’m good!”  I saw how free she was and I was tired of dealing with hair, weave and perms and everthing else!  So, I just one day said I’m gonna do it.  But I wanted it to look a way that would encourage other women to loc their hair – so I had to have some color and have it funky and look “pop culture” for this day and age so that’s how I ended up with this style.

L4L: Okay, and how long ago was that?
Torrei:  It’s almost been about two years now.  And actually when I first started I still wore wigs over it because I was still a little nervous about how it would be received.  I would only take it out sometimes, but one day decided if I’m really gonna do it…I just need to do it.

L4L: Wow, that’s really brave! That was actually my next question – as an actress and comedienne, do you feel locs are limiting to a certain type of look or persona when looking for opportunities in Hollywood?
Torrei:  You know what?  At the time I really felt that way.  But then I thought how am I going to follow my dreams but I’m not even bold enough to step out and change my hair?  Based on what I think the world would perceive me as?  So that was a wake up call for me.  I wanted to change the world but I wasn’t even brave enough to change my hair? Something as simple as hair was stopping me from progression.  And it was honestly the best thing I could’ve ever done for myself.  So many people have been reaching out and sharing they’ve always wanted to loc their hair and say I make it look so nice and ask how I started.  It has honestly been nothing but a blessing.

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L4L: What is your maintenance like?  Do you do it yourself or do you visit a salon?
Torrei: I go to the lady who started my locs for me, she’s out of LA, and she uses a tool.  I can retwist them myself my but its a lot so its kind’ve hard so I prefer to go to her every two months to have it done.  I go to another young lady who dyes it and creates all the little funky styles for me.  So my loctician and stylist are two different people.

L4L: Are you wearing Sisterlocks or just regular tiny locs?
Torrei: No they are just regular locs that are small.  The Sisterlock technique was a lot more maintenance so I didn’t go that route, but people think they are but they are just really really tiny locs.

L4L: Do you have any favorite must-have products you use at home?
Torrei: I just use a coconut oil and Dove products to wash and condition at home.  I can’t remember the exact name but they are non-greasy formulas, so I use those Dove products and the coconut oil keeps it smelling fresh.  I’m very simple with my maintenance.  When I go have it dyed, my hairdresser takes good care of it.  She washes it thoroughly and deep conditions it.

I am very non-traditional. Some people wash their locs in apple cider vinegar and go through all of that but I am not traditional with my locs in that sense at all.

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L4L:  I’ve noticed your daughter’s hair is often in two strand twists and it seems you have made a decision not to relax or straighten her hair.  Is that based on your mother and your experiences?
Torrei: Well, I do let her get it pressed every now and again because sometimes she wants to wear it straight.  But overall it was her decision, she loves her twists.  I’ve tried to get her to loc it but she likes her twists.  I don’t pressure her, its her decision to wear her twists. I started twisting her hair when she was two and just kept doing it.  There are some days, like when she’s getting her school pictures, when she wants to wear it straight.  Her hair is so beautiful, when it is straight it is down to the middle of her back, and it is so bouncy and flowy she doesn’t need a relaxer or anything like that.  So I decided since she doesn’t want to get locs, she can wear it in twists naturally and she can straighten it when she wants it flowy.

L4L: As far as men and dating, do you feel your locs are an attractant or conversation starter?
Torrei: You know what’s so crazy?  Since I’ve had my hair loc’d I’ve had so many more men of different nationalities, other than just black men, approach me!  Once, I was in the Bahamas and this white man just ran up on me and stuck his head and nose in my hair and smelled it like he was having an orgasm or something!  And I was like “What the heck?!”  and said “I’m sorry I just love your hair, its so beautiful and I just had to smell it!”  And I was like “Okay, but you do realize you’re smelling my hair…you’re like in my personal space!’  That was the weirdest encounter I’ve ever had!  I wouldn’t say its a deterrent because I’ve been with my new love almost a year – it’ll be a year next month – and he loves my hair.

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L4L: Despite having two small children, we all saw you rockin’ that bikini on the beach on Atlanta Exes!  Can you tell use a little bit about your workout regimen?
Torrei: [laughs] Honestly, I have to say I have been blessed.  After having the kids I wrapped my stomach with an ace bandage to suck my tummy back in and during my pregnancies I put a lot of almond butter on my stomach to prevent stretch marks.  I do work out a lot, I play raquetball, I lift weights, I take boxing classes….I just try to stay as active as I can.  I’m not as active as I would like to be, but I do try to workout at least three times per week.

L4L: Speaking of working out, can you tell us a bit more of your partnership with Skimpy Mixers (a low calorie drink mixer that tastes great with your favorite alcohol)?
Torrei:  The company is owned by three women and they were looking to get into the urban market.  At the same time, I wanted to get into the beverage market, so when we thought it may be a good fit. They are all about female empowerment so I said I would love to partner up, but I wanted to create my own flavor, which is the Cherry Limeade. We are now in 1700 Wal-Marts across the country and several liquor chains.

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L4L:  Congratulations on the success of Skimpy Mixers! What other projects should fan be aware of?
Torrei: I’m  currently filming a project with Katt Williams called Yanks and it will be coming out soon.  Skimpy Mixtures and the show (Atlanta Exes) and also I have a book that will be coming out soon that is my memoir that will talk about bouncing back after dealing with hardships in life.  You can keep up with everything by going to my website,

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