August Goals

August Goals


I am SO excited to report how I did with my July goals!!!  For once, I achieved every single one!  Let’s jump right into it.


1.  Exercise four days per week.  CHECKKKKKKK!

  • Week 1:  This is the week I went on vacation and I still achieved my goal!  I played tennis once, jumped on the elliptical, swam and went bicycling this week.  I was so doggone proud of myself and even lost a pound and a half WHILE on vacation!
  • Week 2:  I bicycled once and played tennis four times.
  • Week 3: I swam twice, did the elliptical once & played tennis four days – I exercised EVERY day this week! #POW!
  • Week 4: I played tennis five days this week!

2.  Drink 64 ounces of water per day.  CHECKKKKKKK!

  • I use my sports cooler to keep track, and it is one half gallon (64 oz) and I always drink more on the days I play tennis.  #winning!

3.  Stay under my calorie goal.  CHECKKKKKKK!

  • I tracked like I was being paid using My Fitness Pal and only went slightly over my 1200 calorie goal on days I exercised.  Except while on vacation, I never even reached 1400 calories.  Talkin about focused man!

4.  Continue with my weave regimen.

  • Well, I was weave-less during half of July but I certainly kept my hair clean, moisturized and conditioned AND protected so this was a total success as far as I’m concerned!

I can’t believe it!  I achieved all of my July goals and they were nearly all fitness/weight loss based!  When has that ever happened in the lifetime of L4L?  NEVER!  Now I just have to keep it up.  My goals for August are the exact same now that I”m weaved back up.  Leggo!