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EbonyCPrincess is founder and Editor-in-Chief of Longing 4 Length, whose mission is to serve as a resource for Black women to utilize on their quest to grow, achieve and maintain healthy hair. Longing 4 Length chronicles her personal towards growing long, healthy hair and shares tips and info for readers as well. Check out Longing4Length.com today!

For Sale!!! U-Part Wig with Virgin Indian Hair


Those in my personal life know I have been in the midst of a deep spring cleaning project.  Clothes, makeup, shoes, kitchen items, old bedding, even furniture.  Of course, spring cleaning would not be complete if I didn't include hair products and weave.  I've given a ton of stuff to family (as you may have seen on Instagram), but don't really have anyone who would truly appreciate and use a good u-part wig, so I'm offering it for sale here on … [Read more...]

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Ultimate Weave Resource Guide | Free eBook

Longing 4 Length Ultimate Weave Resource Guide Cover - Ebony C Princess

Thank you for so much positive feedback regarding the Weaves & Wig section of Longing 4 Length!  However, your influx of questions regarding weaves began to outweigh my ability to respond in a timely fashion.  This problem inspired me to compile your most burning questions into one location and the L4L Ultimate Weave Resource Guide was born! This eBook is free for all newsletter subscribers.  Those who have already signed up should … [Read more...]

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#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: Inversion Method for Hair Growth

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  For more information, check out the full post on The Inversion Method. … [Read more...]

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Ampro Protein Free Styling Products | Demo + Giveaway

Ampro Protein Free Styling Product

If you are a subscriber to my YouTube Channel (EbonyCPrincess) then you may remember my mention of these products in my recent huge hair haul video.  I was lucky enough to receive the new full line of Ampro protein free styling products to not only try but also host a giveaway for L4L readers, there will be three winners!  Provided was the Clear Ice® Coconut Oil Styling Gel, Foaming Wrap Lotion, Oil-Free Gloss Spray, Shining Serum and Thermal … [Read more...]

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Relaxer Stretching Tips | Divachyk of Relaxed Thairapy


Most healthy hair journeyers have heard, read or been told stretching is a must to have healthy relaxed hair. For those unfamiliar, relaxer stretching refers to the practice of extending the amount of time between your retouches; Therefore instead of relaxing your new growth at the customary 6-8 week intervals you continue to "stretch" until 10+ weeks.   The purpose to relaxer stretching is to avoid overlapping previously relaxed hair and … [Read more...]

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Wash Day | Lazy, Curly & Cute!

Ebony-C-Princess-Kinky-Curly-Weave-Longing-4-Length (400x400)

I still have the braids from my flexirod updo but they are fuzzy and not really presentable for the world.  I was going to redo them, but truth be told, I'm lazy about my hair right now.  I've always said lazy can be good provided you are doing the bare minimum of moisturizing, washing and conditioning your hair, which I am, otherwise leaving it alone is actually a great thing. My hair is currently 28 weeks (7 months) post relaxer and … [Read more...]

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Salad in a Jar Recipe | Southwestern Salad with Chicken

Salad in a Jar Recipe Southwestern Salad with Chicken - Longing 4 Length

One of my all time favorite type of salads is southwestern and this week, I cannot wait to share you this delish salad in a jar recipe, Southwestern Salad with (or without) Chicken.  Last week, I shared how to make a salad in a jar and promised to return with recipes.  If the "salad in a jar" concept is new to you, check out that post for more information and see how this technique can be adapted for any salad in a jar recipe you want to try. … [Read more...]

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Skincare Routine and Update


Thank you to everyone who has noticed and complimented me on the improvement of my acne.  You know that I actively work on making it the best it can be so receiving your confirmation that my current routine is making a difference is music to my ears!  I've largely been following the same skincare routine as always, but its a bit more simplified that it was last year this time - I don't do the "extras" as often as I once was, for time sake. … [Read more...]

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