Baggying Your Ends for Healthier Hair!

Baggying Your Ends for Healthier Hair!

November 2011
November 2011

I realize that L4L’s readership is constantly growing and there are those of you who’ve been with me since BEFORE I began blogging on various hair forums and those who only recently stumbled across the site.  To make sure everyone is up to speed, back at the end of 2011 I suffered a tremendous setback with my hair when I realized the last several inches of my hair were thin, see through and ultimately had to be cut (see above photo).

baggying your ends
January 2013

Since then I have been meticulously trimming away at the ends, which took longer than I anticipated because although the back was easy enough to grow out and cut, the middle and front took much longer to catch up.  After over a year of cutting, I’ve finally grown out and trimmed away all the thin ends and my hair is thick and healthy from ROOT TO TIP!  Hallelujah!

baggying your ends
Thick, healthy ends!

In case any of you have or are currently suffering through the same issue – once you get your hair to this point, how can you make sure it stays healthy?  Protective styling definitely helps preserve your ends, but most of you know I don’t like to force myself to protective style.  So for those who are like me and love to enjoy your hair, wearing it out, up, down and around, what can you do?

Baggy Your Ends How to
How I Baggy My Ends

An excellent way to keep the length of your hair healthy is to baggy your ends.  Baggying refers to using plastic to cover your hair to infuse your strands with moisture and/or oils.  You may use a plastic cap, sandwich bag, grocery store bag, shower cap or saran wrap to baggy.  Not only that, but baggying is not only restricted to the ends of your hair, you may baggy your entire head.  However, since we are discussing retaining healthy length the focus of this post will be how to baggy your ends.

The three most common methods used to baggy your ends are:

  • Applying moisturizer only
  • Applying oil only
  • Applying moisturizer AND oil

I have tried all three ways and I found method #3 to work best for me, leaving the plastic over my ends overnight; I recommend you moisturize and seal your hair normally then apply a bit of extra oil to baggy your ends.  However, everyone’s hair is different so you may have to experiment with all three methods and even a few different products and oils before you learn what works best for YOUR hair if this is your first time baggying your ends.

As for how I baggy, I don’t use so much product that my hair is wet – only well moisturized.  Whichever of the three methods you choose, the point of baggying is almost like conditioning with moisturizer and/or oil overnight.  When you remove the plastic in the morning your ends should feel silky and extra smooth and possibly only slightly damp.  If your hair is so wet its limp, you used too much product.  I simply apply Bee Mine Bee Luscious moisturizer and seal with extra virgin coconut oil (because it has the ability to penetrate the hair cuticle) or grapeseed oil (for the smoothing and repairing effects of ceramides for the hair) and wrap a shower cap around my ends twice, securing with a hair elastic.

baggying your ends
My hair as of right now after taking down a protective style.

Like I said baggying is not a technique to be used only on your ends, in fact a very popular YouTube vlogger sort of renamed it the “Greenhouse Effect” when you cover your entire head.  Whatever the name, however you choose to do it – baggying your ends is an excellent way to retain healthy, thick ends.

  • Beautiful Me

    Method 3 works wonders for me as well.

  • HairIAm_Shika

    Love baggying my whole head when I’m experiencing dryness!

  • Kyra

    I have to start back doing this. My setback was like that in the middle from the top down breakage. Ask it grows out I trim it too.

  • KellyKar

    I recently started doing method 3 on my whole head and my hair feels so healthy. I love how it makes my hair feel.

  • Your ends look really thick.
    I do the Greenhouse regularly these days. Trying to see if it works! As for baggying with moisturizer, that is really lovely!

  • Mytra

    How of often should you do bagging?