Bantu Knot Out Tutorial & 3 Different Styles

Bantu Knot Out Tutorial & 3 Different Styles


In a couple of my recent YouTube videos I created a cute style with bantu knots and a tutorial was requested and I am happily obliging.  There are a few tips I’ve learned along my hair journey on how to get a great bantu knot out which are included in the tutorial.  In the second video I give three style ideas for how to rock your bantu knots, enjoy!

How to do Bantu Knots:

Bantu Knots
Beach Wave Look

3 Ways to Style Bantu Knots

bantu knots results
Half Faux Hawk
bantu knot out tutorialbantu knot out tutorial

Tips for Fabulous Bantu Knots:

  • Determine Your Final Look.  Nothing is worst then wanting tight ringlets and getting loose waves.  For springy curls do 8+ knots but for a beach wave look 4 or 6 knots give best results.
  • Start with DRY hair: Wet bantu knots almost never dry completely leaving the middle uncurled and/or frizzy.  For more definition dampen your hair with a curl or holding product.
  • Do not over twist.  Creating bantu knots that are too tightly wound can cause breakage and not only that but overtwisted bantu knots usually result in wonky curls!
  • Unscrew – don’t pull.  When taking your bantu knots down, turn the hair in the opposite direction you created the knot to allow the hair to fall naturally.
  • Use a little oil.  Moisten your fingertips with a bit of oil prior to taking down your bantu knots and lightly separating to avoid frizzing.
  • Make it last!  One of the primary complaints from women who attempt bantu knots is that the curls don’t last the entire day.  Be sure to use a holding butter, mousse, gel or setting lotion to increase the longevity of the style.  My personal picks are Bee Mine Curly Butter and Jane Carter Wrap n’ Roll Setting Foam.

Follow these tips and I think you will be quite pleased with the beautiful curls bantu knots can produce – all without adding heat to your hair!

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