Wash Day: Bantu Knots for Heat Free Curls

Wash Day: Bantu Knots for Heat Free Curls


I did my hair!  Like forreal did it, not just tended to it.  I followed my regular wash day routine: (1) Prepoo’d with warm EVCO (2) Washed twice with Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo (3) Deep conditioned with Kerastase Nutri Thermique (this is my 5th use) (4) Sat under my Pebco hooded dryer for about 10 minutes which left my hair nearly dry, then air-dried the rest.  Next, I twisted my hair into 10 bantu knots using a small amount of Jane Carter Wrap n’ Roll setting foam on each section.

Bantu Knots On Relaxed Hair - Longing 4 Length

The next morning, I untwisted the knots and gently separated with a tiny bit of coconut oil for smoothness and shine.  Bantu knot outs are generally hit and miss until you figure out what works best for your hair.  Now that I’ve perfected my method – its nearly always a hit for me, I know how to get curls versus waves when I want and usually get pretty uniform results.  Bantu knots are great for all textures of hair – even white women do bantu knot outs believe it or not.  They work to stretch natural hair, gives relaxed hair curls without heat or a long setting/drying process, and even gives beautiful waves on loc’d hair.

(Check out my detailed tutorial to see how I get a good bantu knot out)

After I separated the curls a bit, I added a few clip-in hair extensions which I colored to a light brown using Dark & Lovely (#378 – Honey Blonde).  Clip in hair extensions are sooooo versatile, you can add length, volume, thickness or color as I did here.  Once the clip-ins were in place, I used the smallest barrel of my interchangeable curling wand to mimic the curls from the bantu knots on my relaxed hair.  Then I used my fingers to blend and I LOVEEEEE the results!

Bantu Knots On Relaxed Hair - Longing 4 Length2

I will be posting my full review on the Kerastase Nutri-Thermique conditioner soon.  In a nutshell…I think I’m going to bite the bullet and make it my staple conditioner.  I know, I know – it is super pricey as far as hair care products go.  But I think it’s worth it – and you don’t know just how badly I wanted to be able to tell you it wasn’t.  Anyway, stay tuned for the review.

I’m back on my regular workout schedule after a small break while my car was repaired so I doubt these curls will last longer than a couple of days – but that’s the beautiful thing about bantu knots.  They require no direct heat and little effort so no worries.

Bantu Knots On Relaxed Hair - Longing 4 Length (solo)

  • Okay so I have a habit (an impatient habit) of scrolling through all pics before I go back and read the content of a post so when I saw the light brown curls I was definitely like DID I MISS A HAIR COLORING POST?!? Woke my cat right up with my screeches. I had to slow myself down and read that they were clip-ins lol.

    Anyhow, your results are so lovely!!! Uh, can I borrow you to do bantu knots on my hair because mine suck! I def love the few lighter curls, it’s just very Autumn-y to me. You’ve motivated to definitely stick to my plans of a flexi set tomorrow.

    • LOL!!! I am guilty of being a scroller also, I understand! Actually it was Shika from Hair I am World who used to ALWAYS do fab BKO sets that made me keep trying, it took me a while to get mine down. Thanks girlie…I love fake hair for so many reasons…quick pops of color is one of em, lol! Lookin forward to seeing your flexi set!

  • Tomes Edition

    I am yet to perfect BKO, great results!

    • Don’t give up, it took me FOREVER to get a good one too!

  • Leisa

    Very pretty, love the touch of color!

  • I long to have my bantu knots come out this lovely someday! Last time I tried, they came out a mess lol. You’ve inspired me to try again 😀

    • I know exactly what you mean, mine took me a long time to “get” right too. Don’t give up!

  • Super cute!! Next time I will go the dry route haha

    • Thanks! And I never got a good BKO on damp hair. Even when I was patient and left them in overnight, the middle still wasn’t dry…so I don’t even attempt it anymore! lol

  • I am a chronic scroller so you got me there lol I keep asking for some of your styling powers, when are you gonna hook a sister up?!

  • blutifulblaq


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  • hmm im going to dr next month i may try this