Benefits of Amla Oil for Hair

Benefits of Amla Oil for Hair

Benefits of Amla Oil for Hair

amla oil for hair

With the release of Soft Sheen Carson’s new product line, Amla Legend, several of you have asked my opinion and the benefits of amla oil for hair.  Before using any new product(s) I like to do my research, and I learned a great deal about how amla oil promotes healthy hair which I would like to share with you.

To be quite honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what an “amla” was prior to a quick Google search.  Turns out, it is a fruit and often called Indian gooseberry!  The Amla (Emblica offcinalis) tree  is indigenous to India and many Indian women use oil produced by the amla fruit as a hair conditioner.  As much as we admire Indian hair, I knew it had to have great benefits.  After all, they’ve been using coconut oil for years while the rest of us only recently learned how wonderful it is.  I decided to present the information I found in two parts, what research shows and how Indian women traditionally use amla oil for hair care.

Benefits of Amla Oil for Hair

Benefits of Amla Oil for Hair

Traditional Hair Uses

  • Used as a hair dressing, daily to nourish hair
  • Amla fruit does not directly product oil so it is cut into pieces then dried, preferably in shade and finally boiled in coconut oil – the resulting oil is then applied to the hair as a conditioner after washing and rinsed out after several hours.

So, as you can see there are a plethora of benefits of amla oil for hair care.  Aside its applications for hair, amla  is arguably the most common ayurvedic herb of eastern medicine and has a number of health and medicinal uses.  I would caution you to check with your physician before using amla oil for hair care, particularly if you have any preexisting conditions (hypertension, diabetes, immunosuppressioon, etc).

amla oil for hair

Outside of traditional Indian uses described above, many Black women have began to use amla oil.  I perused the archives of Long Hair Care Forum to learn their experiences with Amla oil.  It seems most use it as a prepoo or hot oil treatment.  One of the most popular brands, Dabur, contains mostly mineral oil diminishing the effects of the amla herb so a lot of ladies actually make their own by purchasing the herbal powder from their local Indian marketplace.  This process involves steeping the herbs in water to create a strong herbal infusion then adding that water to an oil (usually coconut, I would recommend Vatika since it is an Indian brand).  The oil is then warmed gently until all the moisture has evaporated.

I’ll be honest, while that sounds amazing I am soooo not about that homemade hair product life!  So I found a few brands of amla oil that do not contain any mineral oil or additives and are infused in other popular Indian oils and herbs:

Hopefully you enjoyed reading about the benefits of amla oil for hair and found this article helpful.  If you are a regular user of amla oil, please share your experiences below in the comments – let us know how you use it and what your results have been.  I’m planning to implement it into my regimen so I wanna know too!

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  • Wow! I always feel so under informed after reading things like this. How is it that “we” only recently find out about things that have been in use by “others” for so long! I feel like I’m always late- I’ve never even heard of Amla until I saw the add in Essence a few days ago. Then again I’m not on hair care forums like that either.

    • Thanks! I always hope my posts like these are informative. I agree, we do seem tardy to the party on a lot of really good Indian hair care practices. 🙂

      • Wilma Young

        Thanks to your blog that’s informing these ladies, because many time our “African American Women” don’t like to share knowledge with the next person and that is why we are so behind in the knowing because of that reason, but I love sharing that can make a different in other people life….Amen (Jesus say it is a blessing to give than it is to receive and that is in any thing you do. But just know what not to share !!!!

        • P Shivers

          I just purchase AMLA legend Hair portion, any updates on the product? I am very nervous to use.

  • Erratic Assassin

    I was happy when I saw that Soft Sheen Carson came out with the Amla Legend line. Hopefully soon it’ll be easier to find Amla oil in stores. My mom was especially excited because she took over my Amla oil -_-

    • LOL! Tell yo momma stop stealin! (my mom does the same exact thing). I agree, I wish it were easier to find Amla, especially brands without mineral oil.

      • Ladybug

        I buy Amla at the Indian market. I use lots of their ayurvedic products. I use Neem, Henna and Amla poweders also.

  • Tiffanita

    When I was relaxed, amla oil made my hair so shiny….and tangled! I’m not sure why. I’ve been afraid to try it now that I’m natural.

    • Interesting, do you remember what brand you were using? I am definitely going to try Amla so I want to get as much info from those who’ve used it as possible!

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  • Pti Kikó

    Thanks for posting this. I had stopped using this oil a few months ago. And yesterday last night decided to use it again for my pre-poo. This afternoon after shampooing, my hair felt much more moisturised and soft. It made me remember why I was using it in the first place. I will never leave this bottle at the bottom of my drawer again 🙂

  • Great post, Ebony! I think I want to try Alma oil now.

  • GHlonghair

    Wish I could find pure Amla Oil in Ghana!! Most of those available contain mineral oil.

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  • Jeneen Harris

    I currently use a hair product “Whipped Amla Butter” it contains alma powder, and no mineral oil, along with other ingredients, Hibiscus powder, Castrol oil, and almond oil to name a few. I LOVE IT!! It can be purchased on It can be used on the hair and body!!

  • E Owuor

    I us Amla once in a while these days because I live in a dusty area, but back in high school I advised a friend of mine whose hair seemed not to grow and had loads of dandruff to use it. she had great results. wonderful product.

  • Scientific Researcher

    First you say `Research shows` and then you don´t add any links to a scientific source like PubMed. What a load of bullcrap this is.

    • You clearly don’t know my background or what I do for a living…

  • ophelia

    before my hair started thinning, because it was falling out like crazy, I was using all kinds have good hair products they would help for maybe a few moths and then my hair would fall out again , become dry or start breaking. but since last year in January I started using this amla hair treatment, it was kind of like a vaseline you put in your hair 2 hours before shampooing , it was so easy to use and so fast. within 2 months I’ve noticed that my hair stopped falling out and looked healthier. now I’ve stopped using it for about 5 months now , because it was done and I am living in china,hair products are hard to find here. So I’ve started to use the hair oil now, is not the same as the one I used before but the other one is hard to find, so I believe this will do. and having read your research and for me being quit familiar with it I hope to have good results.

  • starrchild

    Been using amla for awhile. I do use dabur amla and jasmine oil and it works great. You can always tell the distinct smell of amla oil! Pure amla takes some getting used to the smell but it doesn’t bother me.

    • I’m glad it is working for you, thanks for commenting!

  • Dee1971

    I love Dabur Amla Oil for my extremely dry hair, and I ususally alternate between using this by itself overnight as a prepoo treatment or I’ll sometimes mix it with Queen Helene Cholesterol Creme, and while both products contain mineral oil, the results on my hair have been awesome!! I don’t worry about the mineral oil because it’s going to get washed out anyway. When I’m too lazy to prepoo, I usually use a sulfate free shapmoo on my hair, which I fine works for me.

    • Glad to hear the Dabur brand works well for you, thanks for commenting.

    • Wilma Young

      It really had a lots to do with the different type of texture of hair. Some people needs mineral oil and some people need more protein in their hair. I grow hair and it is my specialist and I learned a lots about even the different type of Relaxers to put on certain texture. That why a lot of women are losing there hair because everyone can’t use the same relaxer because of the texture of the hair. You have to be able to examine the hair and have a feel about what type of texture to know what to use on that head of hair. I also do natural hair which I charge more for because it take a long period of time to do it….but I have what it take to take care of the hair to make it healthy regardless what type of (TEXTURE it is, because texture is everything) to know. I have been in the cosmo/beauty world for over 20 years, even with cutting the hair texture is everything to know.

  • jensbo

    I use Better Hair Products pure Amla oil. NO WAY I am putting mineral oil (or vaseline) in my hair, on my body… no petro chemicals period. They are just BAD for your hair (and skin) and prevent Amla or any oil from doing what it should. Plus they are CHEAP fillers… we all know you buy like a gallon of it at the $1 store, so why pay good money for Amla products that are just filled up with cheap junk? Anyway… It has really helped with breakage and shedding, even more than coconut oil which I have used for about 20 years. It has a smell a little like rosemary almost. You can mix in your own essential oil, but I don’t find it offensive. You can also make your own hair oil mix like 50/50 amla/coconut or olive oil, grapeseed oil, shea butter… whatever your hair likes. Just use PURE, organic products. I put it all over my hair, scalp and pay special attention my ends. And leave all day on a day where it doesn’t matter than my head is an oil slick. Sometimes I just co-wsh it out, sometimes I shampoo, condition and then I add a few drops to my wet hair and a few more when it’s dry. My hair is smoother, shinier, less breakage and shedding. I can’t say it has effected greys or not.

  • Mel Stevens

    I had really dry hair too but I restored it with argan oil, the one from pronaturals, it’s definitively the best I’ve tried in a long time =)

  • DelphiONE

    I used the hair-dress, shampoo and conditioner from AMLA OIL Products purchased recently at Walmart. My Daughter & Niece used it also- and it TOOK ALL OUR HAIR OUT. I am really pissed off about this. My hair was filling up the brush every time I washed it and used the dressing. Prior to this- we all three had thick, lengthy hair. It has been disastrous and I am contacting Optimum.

    • It sounds like you purchased the version made by Soft-Sheen Carson, which only has a small amount of actual Amla Oil in them. This is why I stressed using PURE amla oil, without synthetic ingredients or fillers. The Amla Oil line does not seem to work well for most who’ve tried it (myself included – I posted a review of the relaxer). Good luck in trying to get your hair to bounce back, if you do decide to give Amla another go, please re-read the article especially the portion at the end about getting pure Amla oil. Thanks for commenting.

  • Dor Dor

    Hey! I live in Nigeria & really need to get to get original Amla hair products without mineral oil. Recently, I noticed that my hair has started falling off; I now have very light hair, my front hair line is completely gone & has bluntly refused to grow back. My hair has gone gray & weak. Have tried a number of hair products but none has helped. Please direct me to a shop where I can purchase the product online. Also tell me what & what I need for my hair to bounce back.
    Dor Dor….

    • Hi Dor, I included the amla products I recommend in the article and to the best of my knowledge Amazon does ship to Nigeria. As for getting your hair back on track, you may want to purchase the L4L Healthy Hair Handbook to use as a guide. Thanks for visiting and good luck! Handbook available here:

    • Mousa

      Use NickysOrganichairgrow, this product available on Amazon the best hair product for regrow your hair back……. give it a try good luck!

    • queen

      Visit ng, fast delivery too

    • Kehinde

      Hi, Dor Dor. My name is Kehinde. I live in Nigeria, Lagos to be precise. I sell home made natural hair cream. Its ingredients, include amla, shea butter and some other herbs. The creams are relatively cheap and affordable. To get more information about their rates and shipments, you can contact me on

  • Cassandra Barksdale

    Hello I used soft sheen Carson alma legend relaxer and I experience a lot of shedding,I’m 6 weeks post with no shedding/Shea butter and coconut oil every day and then DC with ors treatment under Dyer for 20 min

    • Thanks for your comment, I did not have a good experience with the Amla Legend relaxer either.

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  • Guest

    Please do your research about mineral oil. There are a lot of misconceptions but the truth is it’s actually really beneficial for you. Yes it is derived from petroleum but it’s a purified grade and does NOT contain carcinogens.

    • Our reasons for not using mineral oil has nothing to do with its carcinogenic effects, or lack thereof. Its the fact that it has absolutely no benefits for hair and prevents moisture from being added because it is such a thick oil. Its not a bad product, but not good for hair.

  • Isha Agro

    Great Blog!!
    That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the
    thing is awesome.


  • Dipu

    Hi there those who want to use purest of all amla hair oil,use Patanjali Amla Hair Oil.It is totally pure amla oil with no artificial things.Actually it is a ayurvedic oil made by the company Patanjali of Baba Ramdev.Baba Ramdev is an Indian Yoga Guru.You can find him in youtube showing yoga and all.Follow the link 1 below to see how amla juice is prepared in his factory.Amla juice is also helpful for hair as well as for whole body.Right now I am taking his amla powder but my next shot will be his amla juice.At the moment I am using his another oil which also contain amla but not that much.But anyway as this post is not about any other oil so not going to post about my current oil.Main thing is that lots of people over here is in search of pure amla oil.So in my second link you are going to learn about his amla oil.Take a look.What else it is cheap too.Here only we buy 100ml of Patanjali Amla Oil at Rs.40 and 1$=Rs.60.



  • Mada

    Hey ! I was loosing hair before due to stress but its was relatively ok, however i just bought Dabur Amla oil and after washing it out lost the double of hair i normally do. Has anyone experienced this before?

    • Wilma Young

      It could be a drug your are taking for stress or medical condition that could have had a negative reaction to your hair loss, but try to deep condition on your hair with a plastic cap on your hair every two week that will help with the shedding. Try the Amla oil on the roots of your head before you put the conditioner on the hair all the way to the end and you will see a different affect of your hair . Then co-wash (shampoo) your hair after….

      • Wilma Young

        Leave your conditioner on for at least 20 to 30 min., with the plastic cap on and sat under a dryer by using heat and that will cut down the shedding. And don’t forget to massage the roots of your head a well to get the Amla Oil down in the upper layer of your scalp.

  • Sanya Kumar

    Wow! Amla hair oil indeed is great for hair. The article is great with all the importance of amla hair oil. To know more about the benefits of amla hair oil you can read benefits of Amla hair Oil

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