Best Hair of the 2014 Grammy Awards!

Best Hair of the 2014 Grammy Awards!


Although I haven’t posted about the last few award shows, my long time followers know I rarely miss the actual show and can usually be found on Twitter (@ECPrincess1) during their airing!  I’m such a music award show fanatic, I LIVEEEEEEEE for the red carpet looks, memorable acceptance speeches and historical performances.  Big shows like the Grammy and BET Awards never disappoint as many celebrities use the opportunity to debut new looks and hairstyles.  I had hair crushes on a few styles tonight and one I will be re-creating this summer for SURE!

I’m going to start with my favorite look of the 2014 Grammy Awards – even though it got absolutely ZERO camera time and I had to work hard to find photos of the style!  You all may remember that I have a girl crush on Ashanti.  I think she is absolutely gorgeous and more often then not is a red carpet hit, plus she always manages to look slim but curvy – something I’m always striving for!  Anyway, when I first saw her shared photos on Instagram of this bombshell blonde bob, I fell immediately in love!

Ashanti Grammy Awards 2014 - Longing 4 Length
Ashanti’s Pre-Grammy Looks

The color, the body, the sexiness of it all!  I seriously love this look and it is quite different from Ashanti’s norm as she normally prefers long locks.  Definitely a change for the better, mark my words I will have this exact look this summer!

Ashanti on the red carpet at the 2014 Grammy Awards
Ashanti on the red carpet at the 2014 Grammy Awards

Next let’s get into Beyonce’s hair.  While I hated the dry version, that “wet-hair-come-do-me-baby” look she had on stage?! I temporarily became a member of the BeyHive and as usual was bowled over by her performance which prompted me to finally purchase the album.  I’ll admit I often get overwhelmed by all the talk regarding every move she makes and it often causes me to just check out altogether.  But, after seeing the performance, hearing her sing and listening to the words – I cannot wait til I’m drunk in love!  And that post-baby body?  Don’t hurt em Bey!!!!

Beyonce 2014 Grammy Awards Performance

Let’s get into Alicia Keys’ hair.  I hated her first cut a couple of years ago…it reminded me of a soccer mom.  But this updated, tapered cut allows her beauty to shine and gives her the edge an artist of her caliber – 17 time Grammy award winner – should possess!  And just like Bey and Jay, I just love the love she and Swizz Beatz display whenever they are out….never mind the circumstances around the beginning of their relationship.  Was that shade I just threw?  Me thinks so…nevertheless she slayed the 2014 Grammy Awards!

Alicia Keys 2014 Grammy Awards Best Hair - Longing 4 Length

I’m a proud Tamartian!  I’m here for every bit of her (and her sisters’) shenanigans and Love & War was one of my favorite albums of 2013, which is saying a lot because it was a great year for music.  I was so rooting for her to take home at least one Grammy, but being nominated is still a huge accomplishment.  While I do love me some Tamar, that over the top, platinum-with-black-roots wig she has been wearing since the beginning of time was SO played out!  When I saw her jump on the mid-length trend with this honey blond look I shouted YASSSSSSSSS HONEY! SHE WON!  LOL!

2014 Grammy Awards Tamar-Braxton bob hair style- longing 4 Length

And her post baby body is amazing as well!  We see your werq Tay Tay!

2014 Grammy Awards Tamar-Braxton bob hair style- longing 4 Length

My fifth favorite hair look of the 2014 Grammy Awards was from Ms. Katy Perry.  Honestly, I don’t know too much about her.  Sure I know the songs because that’s the music playing in Forever 21 when I’m scooping up some cheap accessories but until the award shows, I never identify her as being the artist.  However, every red carpet she grazes, I’m usually mesmerized with her look from head to toe and this year Katy did it again!  This twisted bun updo looks like something straight out of a YouTube tutorial, complete with kanekalon hair and all!  But I ain’t mad at it, lol!

Katy Perry Hair Updo 2014 Grammy Awards - Longing 4 Length

Those are my top 5 picks for best hair of the 2014 Grammy Awards – did I miss anyone?

Oh and as an honorable mention, I loved Ciara’s preggo style!  So glamorous and gorgeous!

Ciara at 2014 Grammy Awards

  • Omi

    Thanks Ebony, original and interesting post as always! Really like Ciara’s preggy style also like Kerry washingtons as well. Have a good week.

    • You are welcome and thank you for reading! I agree Kerry Washington’s preggo style is phenomenal!

  • Courtnea2001

    Ashanti and Tamar’s looks were jaw dropping gorgeous! I almost didn’t recognize Ashanti with the new do, but it looks phenomenal on her!

  • Stella Jackson

    Love all the looks, they look stunning…Ashanti looked Hot, love her new look. I’m a tamaritan, love this look on her.

  • Li

    Very good update! Thanks 🙂
    I loved the Picture of Ciara. Beautyful outfit and style. I also love the fact that Bey is rocking her own locks. If it is natural or not I dont know but it is her own hair. Maybe we is seeing the end of those huge fake hair styles that have been dominated the last years. I also see more and more shoulder lenght hair style in real Life. (a Little bit like in the 80’s when Dallas and Falcon Crest were inspireing everybody to have huge curly hair and then the 90’s came with short tomboy styles).
    I dont like Alicia K hair at all. She has such an amazingly beautyful face and it looks its best when the hair is sleek and pulled away from her face. The hairstyle she had looked like an Alpacka and did nothing for her face. Horrible. Same with Kate Perry. She looked like an ailien from startreck.

    • Interesting view…Bey’s not rocking her real hair! Remember during the show it was wet then literally seconds later it was bone dry, and she’s shown us her natural texture back during her Foxxy Cleopatra days remember? And she claimed to have cut her hair to a pixie just a couple months ago. Who knows what she really has going on with her hair, but I do agree it is nice seeing variety. Too much long, big weave is boring…but I also don’t want everybody to start following the pixie trend like Alicia Keys and JHud. I need a balance of different looks.

  • Great rundown! I am so not an award show person but who doesn’t love fashion and hair.
    Ps. That cut Ashanti has really is gorgeous…and tempting lol

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

    • Oh I know….it’s my summertime wig look! Don’t you get tempted with scissor near YOUR head though! lol!