My Favorite Hair Oils

In the beginning of my healthy hair journey, I went way off the deep end and purchased way too many products and every oil that anyone ever raved about.  If a person had pretty hair and recommended an oil, I bought it.  To date I have tried:  extra virgin olive, extra virgin coconut, castor, sweet almond, jojoba, grapeseed, avocado, hemp seed, vitamin E, peppermint, tea tree, rosemary and a few retail mixtures of oils.  Allow me to give this disclaimer – that is completely and totally unnecessary!  But, since I’ve had so much experience using these oils, I figured I would tell you which are my personal favorite “best hair oils” and why and possibly save you from wasting spending so much money.  I have a couple of favorites for just about each category, so here is my list and you probably only need to choose one for each.
Prepoo Oils
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (EVCO):  This is an awesome oil to prepoo with, I prefer to warm it before applying.  According to most popular hair forums and blogs, EVCO is one of the only oils that has the ability to penetrate the hair cuticle to provide nourishment and assist the strand’s ability to accept protein and moisture better.  My hair always feel soft and tangle free, especially the new growth after using it to prepoo.
  • Hemp Seed:  I began using hemp seed oil after my ends thinned and my cuticles felt rough because of the benefits of ceramides.  I actually hate the way this oil feels when applying it to my hair, but everytime I use it to prepoo my hair feels very smooth upon rinsing and I’ve noticed my hair accepts protein MUCH better since using hemp oil to prepoo.
  • For more info on pre-pooing, check out this article.
Winter:  During the winter months, I like to seal with heavier oils to combat the brittle cold.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO):  Heavy enough to seal moisture effectively but light enough to still wear my hair down if I choose.  EVOO is actually a really great all around oil that used to be everyone’s staple but many have seemed to move away from.
  • Castor:  Definitely great for those who suffer with chronic dryness (although if that is your issue you should check your porosity), castor oil seals exceptionally well.  It is also known to help thicken hair.  However due to the thickness of the oil, I do not use castor oil when I wear my hair down, it is just too heavy and even a bit sticky.
  • Grapeseed – light enough for the summer months, grapeseed oil does not weigh my hair down and gives an awesome shine.  As an added benefit, grapeseed oil is said to contain a good amount of natural ceramides.  I also like grapeseed oil as a hot oil treatment or prepoo if I’m out of my staples.
  • EVCO – helps prevent my hair from drying out and seems to nourish my strands.  I do not like the way EVCO feels on my hair as a sealant during the cooler months since coconut oil solidifies at lower temperatures.
Growth Aid
Bee Mine Growth Serum with Sulfur – it is the only growth aid I’ve tried!  I’m extremely inconsistent but the times I have used it regularly for at least a month, I noticed increased growth.
Oils My Hair does not like:
  • Sweet Almond – much too light on my hair.  I still have the same bottle from 2009.  Coincidentally I actually love this oil for my skin, keeps it soft and ash-free alld ay long.  So I have found a good use for it, but since a litle goes such a long way and I bought a 16 oz. bottle, I still haven’t used it all.
  • Jojoba – does absolutely nothing for my hair.  Nothing.  I don’t like it as a hot oil treatment or prepoo, it does not seem to seal effectively, and even the shine I get when using Jojoba is lackluster.  I really need to give it away.
If I had to narrow it down the the oils I think you should definitely purchase to begin I would say grapeseed oil for sealing in the summer and pre-pooing for ceramide benefits and extra virgin olive oil for heavier sealing during winter months and even to use as a hot oil treatments.  EVCO is also really great and if you can afford three, I would add it into the mix.  Yes, I do regularly use castor and hemp seed oils but their uses are limited.  To be even more frugal, I would say the best all around oil is grapeseed.  Great for prepooing, sealing and shine.  I hope you found this helpful and as always if you have any questions, leave them down below!
Ebony C. Princess About Ebony C. Princess

A self proclaimed hair enthusiast and healthy hair advocate, Ebony C, Princess is the chief editor of Longing 4 Length. She shares her personal journey towards growing long, healthy hair while providing hair care tips and information.

  • kelli

    I too saw so many rave about 8+ oils. I didn’t know what to buy and end up a PJ. Thanks to your article I have decided on oils want to purchase. I use evoo for everything from prepoo to sealing and all in between. Now my question is, where can I find these oils?

    • EbonyCPrincess

      LOL! Some are available at your local walmart and walgreens, but definitely at health stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC.

  • Dr Fomsky

    I don’t think I have one favorite oil but my top 3 are coconut oil, safflower oil and olive oil. I nominated you for an award.

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Thank you! :-)

  • Georgette E

    I agree. I became a PF buying a lot of oils. My favorite are EVCO, grapeseed, and Castor oil. I use EVOO during the winter months. Sweet almond oil has become a moisturizer for my face!

    • EbonyCPrincess

      Sweet Almond is my favorite skin oil too!

  • Atlanta Happy Hour

    EVCO is on my shopping list thanks! My hair gets so dry in the winter. I can’t imagine how bad it will be now that it is short so I am going to buy some immediately as Fall is quickly approaching. Hot oil treatments all winter for me.

  • ivydoll

    Hi ebony is it okay to seal your hair with hemp seed oil

  • ivydoll

    Hi ebony I just wanted to know if it’s okay yo seal with hemp seed oil