3 Best Pieces of Healthy Hair Advice

3 Best Pieces of Healthy Hair Advice

healthy hair advice
I realize that while I believe myself to be an expert on absolutely everything – this really is kind’ve true, in “real life” I can be quite the know it all but my friends put up with me nonetheless (love ya’ll!!!) – there are many many readers who have been on their hair journeys for as long if not longer than I have, who also author hair blogs, and who generally take excellent care of their hair.  Since I know many of you are extremely knowledgeable, I’d love for you to share your 3 best pieces of healthy hair advice in the comments below.  Allow me to go first!

ECP’s 3 Best Pieces of Healthy Hair Advice

  1. Avoid Direct Heat.  Nothing dries my hair out faster than flat ironing, curling and/or blow drying my hair.  There are very few styles I am unable to achieve without direct heat (rollersets, braid/twist/bantu knot outs, rod sets, etc) so I try to avoid direct heat as often as possible.  This definitely isn’t a one size fits all, some ladies’ hair tolerates direct heat well but not mine!
  2. Moisturize AND Seal.  Prior to my HHJ I moisturized daily but used products with a large amount of mineral oil and did not seal my hair.  I was always left wondering why my hair seemed to always feel dry despite my best efforts.  Moisturizing with water based products and sealing with an oil or butter made a huge difference in my hair.
  3. Deep Condition Weekly.  My hair is at optimal hair when I shampoo and deep condition weekly.  I know some ladies wash & condition biweekly but by the time I reach the second week, my hair begins to feel dry and this is unacceptable as stated in my Prevention versus Reaction post.
So, there you have my 3 best pieces of healthy hair advice – if you agree or disagree with mine let me know, but also please share yours!  And if you do have a blog, leave the URL as well, I love finding new ways to feed my hair obsession blogs from which to learn!
  • Sdestra HairJourney

    Hey Ebony!
    I pulled this from one of my blog posts that I would love to share:

    *Avoid tight hair styles
    – Tight hair styles will not only give you a migraine, but will add unecessary
    stress to your hair and scalp. Results to tight hair styles are breakage, weak
    hair and loss of edges over time is called traction
    alopecia, something people do suffer from as a result of the things
    mentioned above.

    *Brushing with a soft
    brush – I don’t brush my hair a lot and do not recommend
    it either. Brushing with a hard brush can cause more damage in the long run
    than making those fly aways look slick around the head. Using a hard brush can
    again, cause breakage and damage such as split ends. A soft brush is more gentle
    on the hair.
    *Patience with your
    hair – I can not emphasize this enough! If you are not patient,
    you can do more damage to your hair. Frustration bring a slew of things such as
    pulling, ripping and using tools incorrectly thinking they will provide faster
    results. Allow enough time to style your hair, come up with ideas for your hair
    and/or find style or technique that makes it easier to do and change to the

    • These are such great tips, my buns are never too tight and I barely use brushes. I have accepted my 4b edges are not going to be neat once I’m beyond 6 weeks post and I’ve made peace with it! LOL!

  • AgeinATL

    I have a little old blog if you want to check it out: http://wwwlovingmyhair.blogspot.com/
    I would have to agree with your three.

    • Why are you just now telling me this!!! *now following!*

  • KISS

    Hey Ebony … I definitely need to step up my moisturizing

    • Hey girl! Yes summer is over and that’s when I can be a bit more relaxed but I know I’m not trying to have not one more setback! Welcome back to blogging! 🙂

  • Ashley

    1. Listen to your hair. Moisturize it before it gets too dry. Detangle it before it gets too tangled. Wash it before it gets too dirty. Wear it in styles that your hair likes.

    2. Lay off the heat.

    3. Most importantly, be consistent. Even if you don’t have a die-hard regimen, you should be doing little things every day to take care of your hair. These include protecting your hair at night, moisturizing throughout the day, etc.

    • Whooo preach on #3 girl, great tips – thanks for sharing!

  • Claire

    1. Prepoo. Once I began to prepoo overnight with EVCO, EVOO, Safflower and/or Grapeseed oils my hair became much softer and stronger.
    2. Protective styles. I know that wearing protective styles at least 5 days per week is a major contributor in retaining my length.
    3. I co-sign on faithfully deep conditioning every week. A major game changer in my hair’s health.

    • LOVEEEE your tips and you are the second person to say protective style, I hear ya girls, I hear ya! lol

  • Tanya

    1. Protective styling my hair at least 75% to 80% of the time, especially during the summer months.
    2. Moisturizing, especially during the winter months.
    3. Trimming my ends on a regular basis, which is about every three months. Any longer than that, then I’m asking for tangling and breakage.

  • Ty Varnado

    My top 3 tips are
    1: Air dry when possible. Air drying is so low manipulation. It helps me maintain moisture in my hair. I stay away from heat tools and manipulating my hair while its wet.
    2: Low manipulation styling. I cannot stress how important this is. You must leave your hands, styling tools, combs, brushes, etc out of your hair as much as possible.
    3: I maintain moisture by bunning/protective stying. I cowash at least once weekly and wash and deep condition with heat weekly. Protein is important, but in my opinion not as much as moisture.
    I wish I would have known that less is more earlier in my hair journey. I could’ve saved myself a few setbacks. My hair is thriving so much better now since I’ve been leaving it alone. *LaQT/ Ty