Best Recommended Weave Companies from Celebrity Hairstylist Gabrielle Corney

Best Recommended Weave Companies from Celebrity Hairstylist Gabrielle Corney

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Gabi Corney for Indiqué

During my interview with celebrity hairstylist Gabrielle Corney, I asked her opinions on her best recommended weave brands as well as her thoughts on so many new “pop-up” companies.  Gabi has been a celebrity stylist for over twenty years and is based out of NYC, which always has some of the best and most premier weave on the market, so her recommendations mean something in my book!  She works regularly with one of my favorite weave brands, Indique and explained why it (and others) are so great.

ECP: I’m sure you’ve noticed the explosion of hair companies – it seems everyone selling hair these days, what are your thoughts?

GC: Not everyone is at Indiqué or Extensions Plus price points. As the explosion – I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle, but to me, as a stylist it is quite disturbing and I’ll tell you why.  Everybody’s got a hair company, everybody’s selling hair…its almost like a bodega situation.  On every corner, with every click on the internet is ten hair companies.  But as a stylist, for me, that become a liability.  Because a client comes in, spends their time and money and you render quality service but then three days or three weeks later that hair is balling up or shedding. Then it becomes a loss of revenue for the stylist; this poor woman spent x amount of  dollars for her installation but she has bad hair or hair that is of poor quality.  Now she has to deal with a customer service issue with the hair company then come back and have it redone.  So, what do we do?  Do we charge her for a full service again?  When she just got her hair done?  I just don’t trust it.

There are very few hair companies I feel comfortable working with.  It is unrealistic to think that no hair is going to shed…of course you will experience some shedding at some point or you may get a bad batch.  But I’d rather deal with companies I know I will receive quality hair from.  Because then it becomes a liability issue when you don’t and it becomes the stylist’s problem and a client headache.

ECP:  You mentioned Indiqué  and Extensions Plus.  Are there any other hair companies you have worked with and recommend?

GC: I have used True Indian hair company before and I do like some of the products they have.  I’ve also used Sassy Mitchell.  I like some of the hair the ladies bring.  But if I had to choose a go to?  Then it would definitely be Extensions Plus or Indiqué  because I just know exactly what it is that I am getting.

I must agree with Gabi, I’ve worn Indiqué hair before and it is amazing quality – after 12 weeks of wear, it still looked and felt brand new and did not shed at all.

Best Recommended Weave Companies
Me wearing Indique Pure Virgin Hair

I also love the fact that Gabi works with various brands.  I’ve been to shops that will not do an installation unless you purchase hair through them, which I think is absolutely ridiculous.  I can understand not wanting to install poor quality hair because then it may reflect poorly on their work, but to restrict you from doing research and making your own decision is shady in my opinion.  Great tips from an awesome source, thanks again Gabi!

You can visit the Indiqué  website or visit one of their many boutiques in major cities throughout the US to purchase.  Extensions Plus is based out of Los Angeles only and mainly works through phone and online orders.


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