Beyonce Inspired Updo Hairstyle

Beyonce Inspired Updo Hairstyle

Beyonce Inspired Updo

Remember I said I wouldn’t be going two weeks without washing my hair again?  Well…see what had happened was…the water heater in my apartment broke last weekend!  I was in the shower when all of a sudden it turned icy cold making my teeth chatter!  So needless to say jumping in and out to wash my hair was out of the question.  So I rocked a sloppy bun all week because I don’t know about you but once the window of time I have blocked out to tend to my hair is gone…it’s gone for the week!  Soooooo when I had a chance to finally wash, my scalp felt really icky!  I shampooed twice then deep conditioned with Kerapro products (shampoo for dry-to-very-dry hair and restorative deep treatment) and then finished with a hot oil treatment using warm EVCO.  Hair felt so relieved to be clean and conditioned!  After airdrying, I moisturized with a bit of Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk and then created this lovely Beyonce inspired updo.

Beyonce Inspired Updo Protective Style

  This hairstyle is elegant enough to be perfect for any dressy occasion but can also be dressed down.  To see how I created the look check out the video – steps and materials needed listed below.

Beyonce Inspired Updo: What You Will Need

Tools Needed:  Wide tooth comb, two elastic bands, large bobby & hair pins, satin scarf, steam roller set (Caruso or Pro Beauty Tools), synthetic braiding hair (optional)

Beyonce Inspired Updo Hairstyle

Products Needed:  Setting lotion, spray bottle, edge slicking product, serum.  My choices were Ampro products simply because I am so in love with the Silk Edges (see my review) I decided to try some of their other items, which are verrrryyyy affordable!  Ampro Setting Lotion, Ampro Silk Edges and Ampro Hair Polisher Shine Serum in mango scent – I love the smell of this product.

Beyonce Inspired Updo Hairstyle

In the video, I wore the infamous Candy Yum Yum by MAC.  Let me just say that I would have NEVER purchased, let alone worn, such a bold neon matte lipstick prior to the online beauty explosion via YouTube and blogs.  But, it feels really good to be out of my old comfort zone of Oh Baby lip glass!  I know I’m not the only one who wore that to death in college (well at least it was college for me).  Anywhoo for those interested, here is a better look at the lipstick both alone and with gloss.  I used a neutral lip liner.  Next time I’ll try it with MAC’s magenta liner as so many of you suggested.

MAC Candy Yum Yum

I loved the way this style turned out, hopefully some of you will try it.  I think it probably works best on hair that is at least shoulder length.  It doesn’t require any direct heat and doesn’t take long to do.  What more could you ask for in a protective style?  Hope everyone is staying the course and keeping their hair up!  I’ve only used one “down day” and technically it was only a few hours for church last week…and NO direct heat so far!  Check me out – nearly two months and only wore my hair down once?  Must be why the weather is so wacky!  😉

Beyonce Inspired Updo

  • Mandy

    Oh the style is cute! As well as the lipstick!

  • BeautyEmbodied

    pretty lip colour

  • Tonkabelle

    Love the up do really suits you and I just have to get my hands on the candy yum yum lip stick.

    • Thank you and girl….that lipstick is something special!

  • AkitaGrey

    I absolutely love this style! You look gorgeous!

  • This updo is gorge! I can’t wait to recreate! Thanks for all the inspiration and how-tos!

    • You are more than welcome, can’t wait to see your version!

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