Blonde Bob Cut – Who Rocks it Best?

Blonde Bob Cut – Who Rocks it Best?


Many of us have become somewhat obsessed with mid length styles and more specifically the blonde bob cut.  This is very apparent in the entertainment industry as celebrities who have almost always rocked long tresses are opting for shorter styles with varying shades of blonde for an edgy, updated look.  And I am a fan of most of the changes…but there are a few ladies who knocked it out of the park for me.

Ciara Blonde Bob Hairstyle - Longing 4 Length

I’m not sure, but I think it may be safe to place Ciara squarely at the helm of the blonde bob trend.  With her amazing cheekbones and overall gorgeous face and body, she can pretty much rock anything and look great but my favorite look on her of all time is the longer bob that just skims her shoulders.  Sexy sexy mama!

Beyonce Blonde Bob Hairstyle - Longing 4 Length

Queen Beyonce is also hugely responsible for the popularity of this trend, although I have to admit – most of her versions of the blonde bob are a miss for me.  I don’t know…the angles are too sharp, the hair too flat?  Make no mistake about it – Bey is a stunning woman and nothing looks bad on her per se, but I just don’t think this look works.  I prefer Beyonce with long tresses that she whips harder than life while belting out LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE!

Adrienne Bailon - Blonde Bob Hairstyle - Longing 4 Length

I love me some Adrienne Bailon.  I’m a little old to have been a fan of the Cheetah Girls franchise, instead I mainly remember her of the short lived R&B group 3LW.  Nowadays, I’m happy she has a job as one of the co-hosts of the daytime talk show The Real along with another blonde bob bombshell, Tamar Braxton.  I’ve never been a fan of any of the popular panel talk shows but I seriously canNOT wait until the new season airs.  In any event, after the test run she decided to change up her signature long blonde locks in favor of a choppy, shorter cut.  I’m on the fence about this one…some days I like it, others I don’t.

Ashanti - Blonde Bob Hairstyle - Longing 4 Length

It’s no secret I have a slight (okay maybe big) girl crush on Ashanti.  I love her makeup, most of her fashion choices, and yes of course HAIR!  She has been known to rock free flowing locks, updos and ponytails but always with long hair.  At the 2014 Grammy Awards however, she debuted this amazing blonde bob look that is just perfection!  The gentle graduation of the cut, the color, the sideswept bangs and lightly tousled looking curls – it doesn’t get any better than this kids!  I think she should definitely keep this look for a lil while!

Tamar Blonde Bob Hairstyle - Longing 4 Length

Lastly let’s talk about friend in my head, three time Grammy nominated artist Tamar Braxton!  I was soooooo rooting for her to take home at least one of the awards, especially after I saw her on the red carpet looking  slim and sexy in a fitted red gown with a (long overdue) new hairstyle!  This is by far the best look I’ve ever seen on Tamar.  With her love of over the top everything – makeup, shoes, and clothes – when paired with the huge wigs she previously rocked, it was team too much.  The only other time we’ve had a glimpse of Tamar in a shorter style is in her video for ‘All The Way Home’ as seen above…and I loved it then also.  Go Tay! #SheWon!

Okay, I have my favorite but I’d love to hear whose blonde bob steals the show for you?

  • Robyn

    Ciara wins!! Bey’s really is just…wrong. That wavy wet style she wore at the Grammy’s just does not suit her. It might look better on someone else, or maybe it needed a bit more styling, I dunno, but I agree, Bey should keep it long.

    • I agree, I’m loving Ashanti’s look lately but Ciara…hers just takes your breath away! lol. And I hated the color job for Bey’s Grammy’s style…it was like auburn, then white blonde with no graduation at all.

  • Courtnea2001

    I love all of the bob’s including Beyonce’s when it’s straight. The wavy bob on her always looks a bit dry and dull to me. Either way work it ladies!

  • I like Ashanti’s bob and Tamar’s new ‘do the best. I think I might even try to recreate Tamar’s look for a special occasion. It’s such a refreshing look for her, as I was growing a bit tired of those big voluminous #teamtoomuch wigs too. All in all, these ladies are rocking these bobs! Except, well… Bey.

  • Li

    Beyonce is my favourite! I wonder if they are all growing out relaxers and going natural? Will be so cool to follow Beyoncés natural journey!