Current Protective Style | Braid & Twist Updo

Current Protective Style | Braid & Twist Updo


I’m almost up to date with sharing my hairstyles!  Of course I have lots to tell you about my hair, but mainly I’ve been wearing protective styles for the past four months so you haven’t missed much.  I wore a sew-in from November to February and now I’m rocking a braid n’ twist updo style on my natural hair.  I chose this because it is the lowest maintenance possible, I basically spray 3-4 times per week with a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing spritz to moisturize my hair and apply Argan oil to my scalp when it feels dry or itchy.  That’s it!!!

Braid and Twist Updo on Natural Hair

I didn’t do any of this style myself.  I took down the weave last month, clarified my hair and gave a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment, blew my hair out and took a trip to the African braiding shop.  Originally I wanted the hair in the middle twisted with MY real hair but due to the amount of time they had me wait (my mom was having her hair braided also) they added marley hair to the twists, free of charge to increase how long the style would last.

My hair is in great shape – it feels strong and soft and extremely healthy.  However, I do need a trim and plan to give myself one once I take down this style.  Then I plan to play in my hair a bit because I do actually miss it.  I may do this same style without any hair added and if so, of course I will be sharing.  I’m completely consumed with length retention right now plus I’m being a bit lazy so leaving my hair alone is the best thing for me at the moment.

  • Your hair is so pretty!!! I love that style. Definitely would be one that I would wear. I have been wearing wigs for about a year and half now. I’m ready to actually wear my hair out so I’m on the hunt for some good styles….low or no manipulation styles.

    • Yes! I actually have gotten a bit complacent in my hair care over the past few months but luckily I didn’t completely slack and was still moisturizing faithfully under my weave and protective styles. I’m gonna play for a few weeks then go back into hiding, I really wanna be BSL at 3 years post relaxer!