Braidout Results & L4L Earrings Coming Soon!

Braidout Results & L4L Earrings Coming Soon!


I have so many great styling ideas in my head but what had happened was….I’m so exceptionally lazy busy that I haven’t gotten around to doing any of them.  Each wash day I’m like “Okay, I’m gonna do this and twist that, rodset here, and updo there” and I end up in a bun!  So, finally out of sheer frustration with my own lack of motivation to STYLE my hair, I decided to do a braidout. I did four cornrows (overnight) after moisturizing with Bee Mine Bee Luscious and sealing with Rapunzel’s Hair Silk:

EbonyCPrincess 4 Cornrow Braidout

It turned out pretty good, I felt cute and overall it broke the monotony of a bun or wig.  I swear I have never been this bad with feeling unmotivated to do my hair, but all jokes aside I have been very very busy these last couple of weeks so that probably is affecting me more than I realize.  Anywhoo, it was nice to have some texture back in my hair and feel it on my neck again.  Loving the hangtime of my braidout even with my shorter layered sides!

Longing4Length Braidout Results

If you’re following me on Instagram then you’ve seen me talk about the upcoming Longing 4 Length earrings!  I’m kinda hype about it, I won’t lie!  This is one prototype I’m wearing but there will be about 5 different shapes, sizes and colors for you to choose from – each with a different saying on it.  These are custom made out of REAL wood – each hand cut, so they will be placed on advance sale about three or four times per year with new designs.  I think you will like them.  I hope you do anyway! lol!

Longing 4 Length L4L Earrings

Well…that’s about it.  I feel like I should have something more to say since I haven’t posted about MY actual hair in a while, but its been kind’ve humdrum over my way.   Still prepooing, washing, and steaming each week and moisturizing and sealing in between.  I am looking forward to my touch up in a few weeks though; I’m sure that’ll excite me again!

EbonyCPrincess Braidout

  • guyanesesista

    Girl Imma catch a coronary with all these surprises you layin out. Love them earrings!!

    • LMBO @ coronary! Thank you so much! I am a bit giddy with excitement!

  • Tranay90

    Haha I went through the same thing last night, my hair has been in a bun for three weeks and wanted to let my hair down. Buns are just easier 🙂 Love the earrings.

    • LOL! Girl, I had to do it…I’m about to set my hair now for this week, but then I’ll be back under a wig!

  • Your braidouts always turn out great! And those earrings are cute

    • Hey girlie! Thank you very much, I don’t feel like a braidout queen at all! lol

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  • I LOVE THE EARRINGS!! :o) Your braidout looks sooo smoove & define!!