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Fitness Friday: A Rare Progress Picture

30 lb weight loss progress picture - Longing 4 Length

I haven't updated on my personal weight loss journey in a while, mainly because I've been stalling at the same weight for the last two months.  This is not at all a plateau, I simply have been off my game and a bit unfocused truthfully.  I realize I could be a lot further along had I truly pushed myself and was a bit disappointed in myself as 2013 comes to a close.  However, I was getting dressed the other morning in an outfit that began with … [Read more...]

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I have so many things to thank and praise God for, I cannot possibly list them all.  However, I could not allow Thanksgiving to pass without thanking you for your support of L4L and all that I share here!  Your encouragement continually blesses me and I wanted to take a minute to let you know how thankful I for each and every one of you.  THANK YOU!  Happy Thanksgiving to those from the US and to everyone, I pray you have an amazing day! … [Read more...]

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L4L Christmas Wish List Ideas

L4L Christmas Wish List Hair Edition

Everyone KNOWS how much I love Christmas and how big my family celebrates it!  Starting with thankfulness for the birth of Christ, to the love shared with family, great food and amazing memories - it by far is my favorite holiday.  In fact, my Christmas shopping is complete, I'm always super early and I just love gift giving!  Anyway, every year my family asks what I want for Christmas.  Now, if you did not know my brother and I, and you … [Read more...]

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Wash Day: Rollerwrap with Capelli Halo Rollers

halo rollers review

Being that my workout schedule means my hair stays cute for about two days max, I intended to have it braided for wig wear this week.  However, I was asked to review a set of rollers from Capelli Care.  Once I visited their site, I was ecstatic to accept because the rollers are similar to my beloved plastic mesh rollers which significantly cut down on my dryer time.  Some of you may remember my only complaint about the Diane plastic mesh … [Read more...]

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I Lost Ten Pounds in A Month!

lost ten pounds in one month

I've mentioned the addition of tennis to my regular routine several times throughout July and began sharing a few photos of my meals via Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) so you probably realize that I am on a weight loss journey (again).  I wanted to hold off on making any formal announcements about it until I was settled into a rhythm and knew for sure that this wasn't yet another false start!  After I lost ten pounds in a month, I feel very … [Read more...]

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August Goals


I am SO excited to report how I did with my July goals!!!  For once, I achieved every single one!  Let's jump right into it. 1.  Exercise four days per week.  CHECKKKKKKK! Week 1:  This is the week I went on vacation and I still achieved my goal!  I played tennis once, jumped on the elliptical, swam and went bicycling this week.  I was so doggone proud of myself and even lost a pound and a half WHILE on vacation! Week 2:  I … [Read more...]

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Hair Accessories for Working Out

My Dri-Sweat Headband

Regardless of whether you are relaxed, natural or transitioning - as a woman of color maintaining our hair while keeping up a vigorous exercise regimen takes effort.  Luckily nowadays there are so many additional resources, information and tools to help us stay flyy and fabulous while getting fit.  One of the newer items to hit the exercise scene are moisture-wicking headbands. Dri Sweat Edge Women's Headband:  This is my favorite go-to … [Read more...]

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Fitness First, Hair Second.

Yes, I actually wear a swimming cap at the pool.

I have felt downright BUMMY this summer...and trust these three months are usually MY time to stunt a lil bit!  I freakin love the heat of summer, but since exercising so vigorously multiple times per week it has been impossible to keep my hair styled.  As I've said, I play tennis about four, sometimes five times per week for a 2.5 hour minimum.  That is a huge time commitment (12+ hours per week), plus the time it takes to drive to and from … [Read more...]

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