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Natural Hair Products I’ve Watched Come & Go

Natural Hair Product Fads - Longing 4 Length

The beginning of my natural hair journey was a bit overwhelming, as it is for most naturalistas. We are all on the hunt for the perfect products, miracle-working hair tools and the simplest most effective techniques to help manage our natural hair. And early on I was willing to try them all if necessary. But I’m so glad that I didn’t! Over the past 5 years or so, there have been so many natural hair products I’ve watched come and … [Read more...]

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Poll: Do You Still Go to the Beauty Salon?

While it is quite obvious that I am longing 4 length, more than long hair I want BEAUTIFUL hair!  Full, shiny, bouncy, polished hair that looks like it belongs on a hair advertisement.  Whenever one of my good friends and I discuss hair (I love having a friend who is also on a HHJ), we always agree that while we don't mind doing our own hair, especially to save time and money, nothing beats a fresh salon 'do!  I know it is quite popular for … [Read more...]

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Are There Enough Natural Hair Care Lines Already?


This weekend I decided to delve into answering the emails I have allowed to pile up over the last few weeks.  I had more than a few requests for reviews from various new "natural" hair care lines.  I place quotations around the word natural for a few reasons:  First, as I've said so many times, the product does not know if your hair is relaxed or natural.  If it is a shampoo or co-wash product...will it not clean chemically treated hair? … [Read more...]

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5 Hair Practices I Need to Restart!

5 Hair Practices I Need to Revisit - Longing 4 Length

It happens with anything in life - we start something new with enthusiasm, vigor and excitement but as time moves along our energy wanes.  Specifically in our healthy hair journeys, once we achieve health and continue to grow we trade in some of our more complicated practices in favor of shorter, more simplistic regimens.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes we move away from things that were essential to achieving healthy hair … [Read more...]

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Are Weave Companies Ever Really Black Owned?

Are Hair Weave Companies Ever Really Black Owned - Longing 4 Length-2

One of my pet peeves is hearing excuses disguised as justifications for not supporting our businesses, even in hair and beauty related products.  If you notice, my favorite brands tend to be Black owned and operated:  Black Opal, Bee Mine, Obia Naturals, etc.  While all of my products are not from Black owned companies, I do make a concerted effort to support our community whenever possible.  I hate hearing things like  "I would buy Black … [Read more...]

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You MUST Speak Up at the Salon!


Recently I visited a professional to have my hair braided for wig wear.  When I sat down, the stylist began combing my hair with a small tooth comb.  She only did about four rakes before I stopped her and asked "Are you using a small toothed comb?"  She replied no, and showed me this tiny little comb with a ton of my hair in it!  I was horrified! "Do you have a wide tooth comb instead?"  Now this stylist - who I really like - is a … [Read more...]

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Storing Your Hair Oils, My Easy & Pretty Method!

How to Store Hair Oils

I have been on project #CleanItOut for the past few months.  Old clothes, rarely worn shoes, my overabundance of hair products, cosmetics I bought purely because of the evil influence of YouTube...I'm so serious about getting rid of stuff, getting better organized and minimizing everything! One of my major issues in regards to hair products is how I should store my oils.  Like most of us, previously I kept my oil either in the container … [Read more...]

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What Do You Consider Interview Appropriate Hair?


Whether you are looking for a job, seeking admission into professional school, or taking your career to the next level - interviews usually happen over a period of time that I refer to as "interview season."  I have a bit of that going on right now, which is why I delayed wearing my wig back in October.  I felt I "should" wear MY hair for the interviews, especially since I had a fresh relaxer.  Well, six weeks later with six workouts per week … [Read more...]

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