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Wash Day | Transitioning Hair (43 Weeks Post) with Dark and Lovely

How to Wash Transitioning Hair - Longing 4 Length

Since starting a new job, I haven't had as much time to chat hair with you ladies and its been months since I caught up on my favorite hair blogs.  Thank goodness for the Senegalese twists I wore for the past several weeks; I thoroughly enjoyed how little maintenance they required.  Hopefully you enjoyed all that I shared regarding my twists (wash regimen, styles, how to moisturize, etc).  I took them down after about 7.5 weeks and my hair … [Read more...]

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Sew In Weave with Net and Hair Left Out (How To)

How to Do a Sew in Weave – Longing4Length.com (2)

While I was home in New Jersey, I did a lot of hair, including quite a few sew in weaves.  It was always for family, so we don't charge one another money, but my price is agreeing to be featured on L4L.  Taking pics - with smiles, sans attitudes - is non-negotiable!  My cousins didn't mind so much, especially since I gave everyone hair, but my mom always catches an attitude.  Whatever! No pics, no hairdo - the end! So, my mom is my model for … [Read more...]

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Senegalese Twists | 4 Easy Twist Styles

Senegalese Twists Styles - Longing 4 Length

One concern I had when I decided to install Senegalese twists was how versatile the style would be.  As you all know by now, I enjoy changing up my look and the idea of being restricted to one look for several weeks was not ideal, no matter how great a protective style it may be.  However, after a couple of weeks, my hair loosened up a bit to allow me to move the twists freely and I have rocked a few different looks.  Even with the large size … [Read more...]

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Natural Hairstyle for Kids | Just for Me Hair Milk Review

Natural Hairstyle for Kids - Braid, Twist Updo - Longing4Length.com

Whenever I'm home for vacation, I normally do quite a few heads of family members which I never mind doing.  They've also gotten to the point of not only expecting me to do their hair but also to be featured on the blog and/or YouTube channels and luckily they don't mind (nor do their parents)!  This braid/twist updo combination is a great natural hairstyle for kids - mainly pre-teen and early teenage girls.  The cousin featured in this post … [Read more...]

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3 Quick Twist Out Hairstyles with Celebrity Stylist Kim Kimble

3 Quick Twist Out Hairstyles - Longing 4 Length

Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble of WEtv's LA Hair has partnered with Pantene Pro-V to offer a series of styling videos with hair tips.  We all know twist out hairstyles can be hit or miss, once you have your technique and products down you usually end up with predictably fabulous results.  But, if you are short on time, don't properly detangle, use new products or don't stretch your hair beforehand - you can end up with less than defined curls … [Read more...]

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#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: How To Silk Wrap Your Hair

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  For a video tutorial, check out How to Rollerwrap Your Hair. … [Read more...]

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“Night Out” Hair & Makeup – Get Ready With Me

MAC Girl About Town Fishtail Braid - Longing 4 Length Ebony-C-Princess1

It seems many of you are enjoying my "Get Ready With Me" video tutorials?  Thank you for your appreciation!  This week's look is PERFECT for a night out on the town...hence the reason I used MAC Girl About Town lipstick.  To be real, I'm a little scared of rocking a full out smokey eye look...sometimes they look like the person was punched in the eye! Instead I prefer a softer look that is well blended as the photos show. As for the hair, I … [Read more...]

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Wand Curls Without A Curling Wand Tutorial


This post is for all the ladies who - like me for a LONG time - do not see the value in purchasing a curling wand, or simply haven't taken the splurge yet.  I understand, trust me!  For the longest time I held off purchasing one because I figured I already had an arsenal of various sized curling irons plus my flat iron which can also be used to create curls.  Plus, being all about healthy hair the way I am...how often do I use direct heat … [Read more...]

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