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#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: 5 Heat Free Curly Hairstyles

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  For more details check out these tutorials: Flexirod Set Bantu Knot Out & Bantu Knot Out for Shorter Hair Caruso Rollers Rollerset … [Read more...]

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Wash Day: Bantu Knots for Heat Free Curls

Bantu Knots On Relaxed Hair - Longing 4 Length 008

I did my hair!  Like forreal did it, not just tended to it.  I followed my regular wash day routine: (1) Prepoo'd with warm EVCO (2) Washed twice with Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo (3) Deep conditioned with Kerastase Nutri Thermique (this is my 5th use) (4) Sat under my Pebco hooded dryer for about 10 minutes which left my hair nearly dry, then air-dried the rest.  Next, I twisted my hair into 10 bantu knots using a small amount of Jane … [Read more...]

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Wet Wrapping, Straight Hair, No Effort!

Longing 4 Length How to Wet Wrap

Remember when wet wrapping was all the rage in the nineties?  Well, I hated it.  With a sincere and very deep passion.  I remember the stylist wrapping my hair while it was sopping wet with a fine toothed comb no less!  Then I would be directed to sit under the dryer for HOURS.  After the first hour, they would check my (very thick) hair and realizing it was still damp, they'd use their fingers to disrupt the shape of the wrap so the air and … [Read more...]

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Girls Hairstyle Idea – Twists & Braidout Updo

Girls Hairstyle Idea

I'm back with another update on my little cousin, Jennifer's hair.  I did her hair after the holidays, about 6 weeks or so after our first vlog.  I want to help nurture her hair back to health and give readers some little girls hairstyle ideas with this series as well.  This week we went for two strand twists up with a braidout, which she loved (although as you'll see in the video below she did NOT trust me to come up with a cute … [Read more...]

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Bantu Knot Out Tutorial for Shorter Hair

Bantu Knot Out Tutorial For Short Hair

I have previously posted a bantu knot out tutorial which included tips for getting consistent curls, but that tutorial really only applied to hair that is arm pit length or longer.  When you have shorter hair, doing only six knots won’t give you curls or waves, instead you will probably end up with wonky looking pieces of hair because your hair isn’t long enough to wrap around so few knots.  Not to worry, first of all, it will grow and you … [Read more...]

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Braidout Results & L4L Earrings Coming Soon!

4 Cornrow Braidout1

I have so many great styling ideas in my head but what had happened was....I'm so exceptionally lazy busy that I haven't gotten around to doing any of them.  Each wash day I'm like "Okay, I'm gonna do this and twist that, rodset here, and updo there" and I end up in a bun!  So, finally out of sheer frustration with my own lack of motivation to STYLE my hair, I decided to do a braidout. I did four cornrows (overnight) after moisturizing with Bee … [Read more...]

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How to Save a Busted Braidout

Perfecting a braid out - or any 'out' style for that matter, twist out, bantu knot out - can be difficult and most of all unpredictable.  I've gotten my perfect method down, how many braids for a certain look, which products work best, etc. but still certain braid outs come out great while others leave me looking frantic in the mirror.  All kinds of things can go wrong even when you DO know how to get a great braidout and for those who are just … [Read more...]

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Tutorial: Victory Roll Updo on Braidout Hair

Braidout Victory Roll Updo

I saw the above style in this month's issue of Sophisticate's Black Hair and immediately knew I wanted to try my hand at it.  I decided to go with more of a victory roll updo type of look because I didn't feel like adding synthetic hair as "filling".  Pardon the fold in the inspiration photo, I marked the page!  I don't feel I nailed the look, victory rolls are a bit more difficult than I realized...I will be trying it again soon.  A change … [Read more...]

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