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My Protective Style Maintenance | Moisturize & Seal

Jane Carter Solution Hydrate Moisture Mist Quench Seal & Shine

I've had my flexirod updo for about a week and although it took forever and a day to achieve, this protective style is super easy to maintain even through working out!  I noticed with my last sew-in that my hair seemed drier than usual despite consistent spraying with two moisturizing products:  ApHogee Curlific Moisture Rich Leave-In Conditioner (review forthcoming) and Bee Mine Juicy Spritz.  Normally my hair feels soft, moisturized and … [Read more...]

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Wash Day | Flexirod Updo at 6 Months Post Relaxer

♥ ❣ ❤♥ ❣ ❤♥ ❣ ❤

I went home to New Jersey for a weekend and as I always do whenever I'm home, I visited my trusted stylists!  Let me tell you, the lion mane that is my new growth was in full force and all but roared when I unleashed it from beneath my full lace wig! A bit of history about my hair journey, I was natural until I was 14 and again at 18.  So I am very familiar with my natural texture, unlike some ladies who only have a vague idea of their … [Read more...]

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Crochet Braids: A Great Protective Style

Crochet_Braids_2013_Simply Into My HAIR

When we speak of long term protective styles, the first options that come to mind are usually sew-in weaves, wigs, braids and/or twist hairstyles.  Crochet braids are a lesser known, but equally great protective style that works wonderfully for natural, relaxed and transitioning  hair. Crochet braids are a styling technique that involves braiding your hair into a cornrow base.  Just like with a sew-in, various braiding patterns are used … [Read more...]

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“Night Out” Hair & Makeup – Get Ready With Me

MAC Girl About Town Fishtail Braid - Longing 4 Length Ebony-C-Princess1

It seems many of you are enjoying my "Get Ready With Me" video tutorials?  Thank you for your appreciation!  This week's look is PERFECT for a night out on the town...hence the reason I used MAC Girl About Town lipstick.  To be real, I'm a little scared of rocking a full out smokey eye look...sometimes they look like the person was punched in the eye! Instead I prefer a softer look that is well blended as the photos show. As for the hair, I … [Read more...]

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Wand Curls Without A Curling Wand Tutorial


This post is for all the ladies who - like me for a LONG time - do not see the value in purchasing a curling wand, or simply haven't taken the splurge yet.  I understand, trust me!  For the longest time I held off purchasing one because I figured I already had an arsenal of various sized curling irons plus my flat iron which can also be used to create curls.  Plus, being all about healthy hair the way I am...how often do I use direct heat … [Read more...]

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HOTD: Bun & Bangs

HOTD Bun and Bangs - Longing 4 Length

One of the reasons I wanted to try blunt bangs is because I believe they make even the "bummiest" style look cute, polished and a tad bit edgy.  Case and point - I decided to pull and old braidout up into a high bun and although it wasn't the sleekest, neatest bun in the world, the straight bangs were like a bow on a present. Anddddddd, I finally got my hands on MAC's Heroine lipstick.  I'm not one that goes crazy over limited edition … [Read more...]

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Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Holiday Hairstyles

We are well into the holiday season and you know what that means, right? Holiday parties, family gatherings and traveling! Time to get all “gussied up,” enjoy some good company, eat tons yummy food and have a great time. But before any of that can happen deciding on a holiday hairstyle for your natural hair can bring about a few challenges. It’s the holiday season; you want to relax and have fun, not worry about your hair. My motto is to … [Read more...]

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Wash Day: Airdried Bun

Airdried Bun

I've not been a woman of my word lately at all!  First, I said I was going to wear wigs and protective style from October to December...but I've had my hair out since my touch up.  I had some professional obligations for which I felt most comfortable wearing my own hair so that is the primary reason I haven't put it away just yet.  Then I said I was going to do a half and half comparison with the Kerastase and Kerapro conditioners, but … [Read more...]

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