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#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: 3 Comb Detangling

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  For more tips on detangling, check out these posts: 3 Comb Smooth & Hercules Combs Quickly Detangle Natural Hair How to Detangle Your Weave Treating Tangles       … [Read more...]

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Detangle Your Natural Hair In Minutes!

Detangling 2

Learning how to detangle your natural hair  is one of the most challenging aspects of being relaxer free. That’s why so many of us naturalistas dread wash-day…the whole detangling process can truly be a beast! Y’all remember that scene from The Color Purple when the little girl was screaming while Ms. Celie was combing her hair? "It hurts her!" *smack!* Yep, it’s one of my favorite movies, can’t you tell? And unfortunately, sometimes I … [Read more...]

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Long Term Transitioning is Possible: Tips From Ms. D!

long term transitioning to natural hair

One of my fave former relaxed, transitioned to natural hair bloggers is Ms. D of 6 Foot Long Hair.  Partly because she turned me onto my beloved seamless combs from Hercules Sagemen, but also because of the detail in which she documented her journey while long term transitioning from relaxed to natural hair.      Although I don't judge anyone for what they choose to do with their hair, I realize one of the major reasons so many women continue … [Read more...]

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Weaveology: How to Detangle Your Weave

how to detangle your weave

If you are wearing high end, premium hair extensions for your sew in weave, tangles should not be much of a problem. However most hair gets tangled at least a little bit, whether it is your own or courtesy of a few added tracks!  With my current installation - Wink by Vivica Fox Hair - tangling is my main issue, as is expected with protein, synthetic, or more economical hair.  Just like with your real hair, detangling your weave doesn't have … [Read more...]

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Treating Tangles

One of my e-friends, The Sizzling Mommy, sent me a question via Twitter a while back regarding tangling while wearing curly styles.  A common misconception is that relaxed girls do not have to deal with tangling issues.  Not true!  I can definitely attest both from personal experience and reading other relaxed blogs that tangling can be a major issue for us.  Furthermore, improper detangling can cause damage and breakage which holds true for … [Read more...]

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Detangling Method: 3Comb Smooth & Hercules Sagemann Combs Review

This post is long overdue - but let me just begin by saying I absolutely LOVE my Hercules Sagemann combs!   I've mentioned the 3Comb detangling method sporadically in random wash day posts or hair rambles but this post gives all the details and includes the combs I use.  Pardon the length of the post, you know I like my reviews to be thorough and will probably refer back to it often in future posts...so settle in and bear with me. When I saw … [Read more...]

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How I Detangle & Prepoo (video)

[Read more...]

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