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Best Recommended Weave Companies from Celebrity Hairstylist Gabrielle Corney

best recommended weave companies - gabrielle corney indique - longing 4 length

During my interview with celebrity hairstylist Gabrielle Corney, I asked her opinions on her best recommended weave brands as well as her thoughts on so many new "pop-up" companies.  Gabi has been a celebrity stylist for over twenty years and is based out of NYC, which always has some of the best and most premier weave on the market, so her recommendations mean something in my book!  She works regularly with one of my favorite weave brands, … [Read more...]

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Crochet Braids: A Great Protective Style

Crochet_Braids_2013_Simply Into My HAIR

When we speak of long term protective styles, the first options that come to mind are usually sew-in weaves, wigs, braids and/or twist hairstyles.  Crochet braids are a lesser known, but equally great protective style that works wonderfully for natural, relaxed and transitioning  hair. Crochet braids are a styling technique that involves braiding your hair into a cornrow base.  Just like with a sew-in, various braiding patterns are used … [Read more...]

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Swiss Lace versus Silk Base Closures

Swiss Lace Versus Silk Base Closures - Longing 4 Length

I've shared that my current protective style, a full weave, is my first time every wearing a closure with my sew in.  I've known about closures for quite some time but like many of you, was hesitant to try something new but finally took the plunge and I'm so glad I did!  If you are doing a bit of research, or considering using a closure for the first time, then this post should be particularly helpful to you. Closures, for those who are … [Read more...]

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Pre-Weave Wash Day Routine


I've decided to continue stretching my relaxer through the use of a sew-in.  I have had great success with the health of my hair, retention, working out and losing weight with wigs and weaves, so why rock the boat? To prepare my hair before installing a weave (or any other long term protective style) I usually follow the same routine - designed to both strengthen and adequately moisturize my hair before it is hidden away.  Because I am now … [Read more...]

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Prepping Weave for Installation: VIP Luxury Hair 1st Look

How cute is their packaging?!

This post will be especially helpful to those who are weave newbies, and even the vets may learn something!  When you purchase weave, I'm sure some of you have wondered what you need to do before installing it?  Wash it?  Condition it?  What does sealing the wefts mean?  What the heck are beards and what is the difference between single versus double wefted extensions?  A bit clueless and overwhelmed?  It's okay, I'm here to help!  Along … [Read more...]

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Good vs. Bad Weave Hair: How to Tell The Difference

Good Vs. Bad Weave

It is SO incredibly difficult for those who are not already familiar which companies from whom you should purchase your weave.  Even if you are a weave officianato, it may be your first time buying non-beauty supply store or virgin hair extensions.  What on earth should you look for?  Can you really tell the good from bad weave before buying?  As you already know, I like to spend a bit more for hair from reputable companies that can be … [Read more...]

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How to Retain Length and Grow Long Hair with Wigs & Weave

Grow Long Hair with Wigs

I get emails all the time from readers who have stumbled across L4L at various points in my hair journey asking if I still wear weave, how I care for my hair while wearing weave and exactly how they can grow long hair with wigs.  Although I have quite a few articles covering weave and wig care, I've learned many of you are visual.  This inspired me to create yet another series called L4L Hair Tip Tuesday, during which I will post some type of … [Read more...]

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Wigging for Length Retention ~ Owigs Full Lace Wig

Owigs Full Lace Wig Before and After

I kept delaying beginning my wig regimen because of commitments I felt required wearing my hair out (more later) but I'm so over that and ready to take a break and retain length so wigs to the rescue!  To prep my hair, I prepooed (coconut oil), washed (Obia Naturals Coconut Shea shampoo bar), conditioned (ApHogee Keratin Recontructor) then dried my hair loosely under my hooded dryer.  Once dry, I moisturized my hair using my modified LOC … [Read more...]

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