Rasheeda’s Hair is Home Grown!

Rasheeda’s Hair is Home Grown!


Update:  Check out my exclusive interview on Rasheeda’s hair!

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I have seen about half of season one of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – I will admit it despite my disdain for reality television.  I really just miss good acting and sitcoms, but ya know good luck to the ladies who actually HAVE talent and aren’t acting completely foolish.  Even though I haven’t caught every single episode, I feel like I know exactly what is going on because of Twitter!  lol.  In any event, I’ve been crushing on quite a few of the ladies’ hairstyles – K. Michelle’s red bob, Erica’s wavy sew-in and her short cut with her real hair (love them BOTH!), and Rasheeda’s hair…actually her EVERYTHING!!!  I mean her hair is so shiny and long and black!  I know I can’t be the only one who looked extra hard the episodes she wore it cornrowed straight to the back to see if it was a lace wig or real.  Sidenote:  Rasheeda…nobody over age 8 is doing cornrows with zig zag parts anymore.  Nobody. Braid straight back, on an angle, whatever just no more zig zag! In last week’s episode she rocked a few high buns with her naturally curly texture that made me say to myself with certainty – that is her hair and it is absolutely gorgeous!  So of course I googled and found Rasheeda’s vlog channel where she uploaded a video talking about her ethnicity and hair.  What I really loved is that she didn’t brag on her amazing hair while putting others down as some similarly status celebs do on the regular, she stated it was hers, did a close up with her wash n’ go and admitted to not always loving spending hours coiffing it!  Check it out for yourselves:
Being from New Jersey, I’ll also admit that while I knew who Rasheeda was I really am not very familiar with her music as I don’t like southern rap music at all.  But – and this is one of those songs I’m kind’ve ashamed to admit I like so much – I have been known to walk around singing “Put it on ’em make him wanna marry me!” Complete with hip movements! And for that you may absolutely judge me!  I would, lol!
  • Shawnie

    Please don’t think all southern rap is like Rasheeda’s/Scrappy’s music. I must admit, I live in Georgia and really never heard of either of them. 🙂

  • I really like her hair too! I was wondering if it was real too. When I saw her rocking her natural texture, though, I felt pretty certain that it was real and gorgeous! Beautiful tresses

  • I never heard of her before the show. And I know I’m wrong for pre-judging, but I just naturally assumed it was a REALLY good weave.

    No judgement here!! Southern/ratchet rap is my guilty pleasure! And don’t get me started on the music that I listen to while I’m working out!! It’s a mess! lol!

  • I haven’t heard of her before but I love her hair and her bubbly personality!

  • I couldn’t stop laughing. Yeah, she is ghetto as hell but her hair is pretty

  • LOL! I’m totally judging you! I thought the song was cool, but people hate it. Rasheeda is so pretty and her hair is gorgeous, but she needs a makeover and Charm School.

  • LOL at the sidenote! Oh so you like that song but dont like southern rap thats as ghetto as it comes lol

  • Those LHHATL girls can serve up some hairstyles (minus the zig zag braids). I love Rasheeda’s hair and I like the way K. Michelle mixes up her styles as well. I’m not sure how I feel about her music, but I love southern rap. When I think of rap and Georgia, I think of classic Outkast. I didn’t even know Rasheeda was doing much with music until LHHATL.

  • I have never heard of anyone on LAHHATL before but I can agree all the ladies were one point with there hair except for Joseline, lol. Mimi and Arian were my faves. I loved K. Michelles hair but she had me dizzy always changing it.

    Rasheeed’s hair is beautiful! When she wore it straight it looked like black silk!

  • I hate to admit it but I watch. I tried to stop but got pulled back in week after week (don’t judge me). My hair faves are Mimi, Erica and Rasheeda.