Celebrity Hair Instagram Round-Up

Celebrity Hair Instagram Round-Up


Back with a second edition of Celebrity Hair Instagram Round-Up!  I’m somewhat of a hair stalker on Instagram.  I will openly and honestly admit it. I mean…its exhilarating to be able to see their new ‘dos as they leave the salon, before any official press photos are taken.  Call me crazy, but in case I’m not alone, here is the latest celebrity hair news I found interesting from Instagram!

One thing for sure – we are definitely not the only ones longing 4 length – starting with the Mowry twins, so many of our favorite celebs have similar hair stories to us!  Remember how gorgeous their curly hair was back in their Sister, Sister days?


Well it seems age and the demands of the industry to have straightened hair have taken its toll on their tresses, but they are getting it back!

Tamera Mowry (@TameraMowryTwo) shared the below photo with the following caption: It all began when a hair stylist used a marcel HOT IRON on my hair and ruined it. I cried, but it’s only made me appreciate the hair I was born with. Ladies embrace your curls…Beginnings of my curly hair journey. It starts with a cut! You don’t always have to do a big chop! Like me, I’m doing it gradually. Learn to love your natural hair. Thanks @shaiamiel for mine:) I’ll post transition hair styles soon:) 

Tamera Mowry Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length (3)

Often times, women who have unrelaxed (aka “natural”) hair that has been damaged by heat or other chemicals refer to their period of regrowing healthy natural hair as a transition.  It is not only about relaxed to natural – you can irreparably damage your hair in a variety of ways – Brazilian keratin treatment, color, heat, or bleach and have two textures to deal with until you cut away all of the permanently altered hair.  Tamera then shared her favorite transition style and final big chop photos a few weeks later:

Instagram Hair Round-Up-Tamera-Mowry-Natural-Hair-Longing-4-Length

Likewise, twin sister Tia Mowry did a big cut to a chic pixie style and is regrowing her natural curls as well.

Instagram Hair Round-Up-Tia-Mowry-Natural-Hair-Longing-4-Length

Ya’ll can probably count on Keshia Knight Pullium to always make an appearance during this segment, after all she is my ULTIMATE and original hair crush!  Plus she shares photos of her natural hair all the time, which is another reason to love her, right?  Anyway, you may know she recently became spokesmodel for Hairfinity, and claims to use their hair vitamins regularly.  She shared the photo on the left with the caption: “Before flatirons!!! Working on getting back here with @hairfinity… #tbt” and more recently the photo to the right after being glammed up.  Judging from herpreviously shared hair photos it looks like Hairfinity is indeed working for Keshia!

Instagram Hair Round-Up-Keshia-Knight-Pullium-Natural-Hair-Longing-4-Length

Tamar Braxton always shouts out her friend and owner of Simplicity Hair Oil and it looks like she is aiming to grow hair down her back like a certain rapper who frequently revealed peaks of her natural hair.  Tamar recently posted this photo with the caption: “Hey do your hair on Saturday (like I do) #Tamartians!! So Happy this came today cause HONESTLY this is The BEST thing that’s ever happened to my hair! Finally I can shampoo my hair & it’s fresh smelling &squeaky CLEAN just like the salon!Plus the NEW limited edition simplicity leather bottle dries just like my LV leather purses when it gets old! #yesGAWD So freaking FAB!! Thanks @simplicityhairoil  #HAPPY#imasitinmyoilalldaywithacap  #abouttohavehairlikeNickiMinaj  #shewon❤” 


Meanwhile Brandy continues to kill em with various versions of the infamous long bob hairstyle, aka “lob”.  Check out her birthday hair cut and one of my favorite looks, the wavy bob style.

Instagram Hair Round-Up-Brandy-Bob-Hairstyle-Longing-4-Length

Lastly, R&B songstress and reality show star K. Michelle (who changes her hair like the weather) tried her hand at the blonde bob but almost immediately returned to her signature color but with a short spin saying “She’s BACK. Your favorite red head! Lol!” I have no idea why so many of her photos have the top of her head cut off…

Instagram Hair Round-Up-k-michelle-hair-styles-2014-longing-4-length

Hope you’ve enjoyed this round of celebrity hair talk as told through Instagram!  Let me know of any other interesting news or new ‘dos I may have missed!  Even stalkers miss things! 😉

  • I love Gabrielle Union’s hair on Being Mary Jane!

    • I do too. I almost always love her hair anyway, but I will say that is a lil safe and predictable. But hey if it ain’t broke…lol!