Celebrity Hair Instagram Round-Up

Celebrity Hair Instagram Round-Up


On the heels of today’s post about celebrities revealing their natural hair beneath the wigs and weave we are accustomed to seeing them wear, two additional celebs shared photos of their natural tresses.  I’ve seen a bit of criticism from negative people – comments about it not being anything new and how so-and-so’s hair is so much longer, thicker, prettier, etc.  But I have to say, I am absolutely loving this “real hair reveal revolution” that has been going on!  After years of admiring the styles of our favorite celebs, and wondering  “Is it hers?  Is it weave? What does her real hair look like? Who does her hair?” it is nice to have this level of transparency.  Whether the celebrity has the perfect head of hair is irrelevant – how many of us have perfect hair down our backs?  Its about showing their natural selves and letting women know that healthy hair is important, despite the popularity and accessibility of buying 5 bundles of your favorite Brazilian hair weave.


So, in that vein, Ms. Nicki Minaj shared a few pics of her natural hair pulled up into a high ponytail just before the look was finished by adding some hair to create a gorgeous updo.  The caption read “No perm. No extensions.”


Taraji P. Henson, who always looks amazing with her bob cuts, shared this photo saying “#tbt just after Hustle and Flow and that’s my hair because at the time I couldn’t afford weaves. HA!!!” Well…when you have healthy hair, weave is just an option, never a necessity so you can always go without!


In other news, my ultimate hair crush Keisha Knight Pulliam is now the spokesmodel for Hairfinity.  She has pretty much always revealed her natural hair, beginning with her days on The Cosby Show but now attributes additional growth to the popular healthy hair vitamin.

No Filter, no make-up, no weave...Just blow dried!!! #hairfinity is working
No Filter, no make-up, no weave…Just blow dried!!! #hairfinity is working

She regularly posts pictures of herself sans makeup and clip-in hair extensions (the only type she wears) to her Instagram, and you may not know this but she was the inspiration behind my bangs!


I literally pulled up one of her Instagram photos to show my stylist what I wanted.  When I saw this more recent photo of her high bun, I squealed!  I can’t wait to take my weave down to return to this look.  The bangs are definitely here to stay for a while!

Toni-Braxton-Natural-Hair-Longing-4-Length (3)

Lastly, Love, Marriage & Divorce, the new collaborative album from Toni Braxton and Babyface is available for purchase NOW! And of course, the duo are making the rounds to promote the project and I am absolutely loving Toni’s return to her short style. I’ve shared before how much I love Toni Braxton in a pixie cut and the styles she has been wearing lately are just stunning.

Toni-Braxton-Natural-Hair-Longing-4-Length (2)

Glamorous fingerwaves and edgy combed back styles – it all suits her super well.  Plus, her hair appears to be thicker than it was in previous recent times which I hope is an indicator that her lupus is under control and she is feeling great.

Hope you enjoyed this post…I may do these celebrity hair round-ups more often!

  • These celebrities have just changed things, definitely do it more. We need big voices out there, healthy hair is the best hair

  • LaQT/ Ty

    I’m so not a hater, I love the celebrity hair reveals. Long, short, healthy, whatever. I love them.