Chic Chick: What to Wear for Homecoming

Chic Chick: What to Wear for Homecoming


We are entering into homecoming season and while my alma mater does not have a large celebration, I’ve always envied those that attend(ed) schools that have festive homecoming activities.  In fact there are a few HBCU’s in my current city and I certainly have enjoyed my share of fun since living here.  Now, if you are going to the football game, parade or even a step show, you want to be casual but cute of course!  You may run into former classmates or even an old flame if you’ve graduated, do a lot of socializing if you are in school currently and possibly even meet a new boo!  *wink wink*

So here are two style suggestions to be fashionable yet functional for a hot day of standing, moving, cheering, and more.  I really like the graphic tights trend going on right now, it is a way to update the somewhat overdone leggings look, plus it helps you to stand out from the crowd.  I would pair it with a high-low tee or tunic, cute flats and a statement lip color:

Homecoming Set #2

Print tights are super affordable and have a plethora of colors, I would suggest ASOS and Forever 21 as they carry a range of sizes and have low prices.

My second suggestion involves jeggings – I know people have mixed feelings on this trend but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! To be honest I’ve never found denim all that comfortable but with the invention, or should I say return, of jeggings I’ve become a fan.  Stretchy, comfortable and flattering!  For a homecoming event, I would wear them with a drapey tee shirt in a bright color.  The one I chose has an open back so I paired it with a bandeu top in a contrasting color.

Homecoming Set #1

If you prefer heels over flats, I suggest platform pumps, you get the height and look of heels with the comfort of a flat.

As for hair, I think beach waves are perfect for the occasion and go great with either of the above looks.  You have several options for achieving beach waves:  bantu knot out, two cornrow braidout, jumbo flexirods, or a curling wand.  If you opt to use the curling wand, don’t wrap the ends completely around the barrel to give a messier finish.  Alternatively…you can always just throw on a wig, make a 3/4 wig, or get a sew-in!!!  Here are a few examples of beachy/messy waves:

Now, I do realize some people wear collegiate or Greek paraphenalia to these events.  If you have a t-shirt, try jazzing it up by cutting a design into it.  When I was in college we used to cut strips into the sides and back to give an open finish and removed the collar to create an off the shoulder effect.  If you are unfamiliar or have never cut up your t-shirt, here is a great video tutorial of a cute diamond backed design:

Have fun!!!
  • Aggie PRIDE! Those two outfits are HAWT! I know you will have some great blog posts & vids! *wink-wink* 🙂

  • Aggie PRIDE! Those two outfits are HAWT! I know you will have some great blog posts & vids! *wink-wink* 🙂

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  • These outfits are cute. Love this post.