Chic Chick: What to Wear to Meet HIS Parents

Chic Chick: What to Wear to Meet HIS Parents

With the holidays rapidly approaching you may be celebrating with your boo and possibly meeting his family for the first time.  I know from past experience that deciding what to wear can be difficult and even stressful if you are type-A like me!  Again, basing my suggestions on my own experiences, you can easily end up overdressed in your efforts to look good which may cause you to feel uncomfortable.  You want to make a good impression, feel confident and look as if you made an effort to look nice without appearing overdone or as if you’ve tried to hard.  Of course this does not apply to everyone because perhaps your first meetings were more accidental or happened under different circumstances than a formal “first introduction” but if you are going to be spending the holidays with your boo and/or meeting his family here are my fashion and hair styling ideas and inspirations:

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Style Inspiration #1 – Shirt Dress, Tights and Booties
Shirt dresses are great because they are dresses but aren’t dressy if that makes any sense at all!  The fit is almost always loose but shows form and you can always add a thin belt for my shape if you prefer.  Another great thing about shirt dresses is that most have buttons so you can go as high as you feel comfortable without worrying about giving the folks too much cleavage, which is sometimes an issue for round and v necklines.  Tights keep you warm and covered up, booties give your legs the elongation of a heel but still keep the look from being overdone.  A pair of stud earrings, black eyeliner and nude lip complete the fashion look, with a double headband being the perfect hair accessory (see hair ideas at the bottom of the post).
What to Wear to Meet HIS Family #1
Style Inspiration #2 – Slacks and Top Combo
If you prefer pants, I recommend doing a neutral other than black which can be dressier than you want to appear.  Grey, tan, brown even denim (pants not jeans) are all good options.  A shorter leg (often called the peg leg pant) may also give you a more casual appearance without giving you a dressed down look either.  A blouse in the shape of a t-shirt but with a dressier fabric pairs nicely with the slacks in this inspiration with the focal point being a statement necklace.  I don’t know about you but my mother detests big earrings just as much as I love them, so I’d avoid anything too large or too dangling, but necklaces are loved and appreciated by all ages!  A neutral eye shadow look and low heeled pump provide the polishing touches.
What to Wear to Meet HIS Family #2
Style Inspiration #3 – Casual Tee and Jeans
Perhaps both of the above looks are too dressy for the occassion.  Maybe you are literally just stopping by to say hi, participating in a game night or baby-sitting for your future sis/bro-in law.  These types of occasions are the easiest to style yourself for (in my opinion); I went with a graphic animal tee and colored denim.  Boyfriend sweaters are the perfect topper for most fall/winter ‘fits, being casual and comfy when you need them to be but also can be paired with something dressier as well.  I very rarely wear sneakers outside of the gym so I’d suggest a flat boot or cute oxfords for your feet and small hoop earrings.  Keep the makeup minimal with a sheer pink lipgloss.
What to wear to meet HIS family #3

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Hair Inspiration:  A Sleek Ponytail
I think all of these looks would go fabulously with a sleek ponytail.  Ponytails are often the forgotten hairstyle these days with so much focus being on various bun styles.  A nice smoothly executed ponytail is the perfect mixture of elegant and effortless.  If you have the length, go for it with your hair but if not all types of phony ponys are available at any beauty supply store or you can wrap a few wefts around your hair to make your own.  Here are a few celebrities (and me) wearing different ponytails for all kinds of occassions:
  • Jacquita Macedon

    I agree with the hair, its no fuss and looks effortless. All good choices for dress. I would personally do the last option. You can never go wrong with jeans, tee, blazer or cardigan, ankle boots or flats. Good suggestions.

  • I went through this last year when it was time to meet my boo’s parents. I was so nervous! I live in Miami so I must say that basically anything goes. However I was going to NC where his family is from and where I was raised and it’s different. I ended up not liking anything I bought for the weekend because I wasn’t being myself, I was too concerned with making sure I was dress appropriately. Lesson learned, wear what makes you feel good and you will exude confidence.

    p.s. that last outfit set is cute!

    • LOL @ Miami! I’m going to be visiting at the top of next year btw. That is a good lesson!