Chic Chick: What to Wear to the Airport

Chic Chick: What to Wear to the Airport


The holidays are approaching and I for one used to always look a complete hot mess at the airport.  I’ll admit it.  I was always rushing because I was due to fly out immediately after final exams and if I’ve never told you this – I’m messy.  Around exam time that get amplified.  So I’d have to rush home, throw some stuff in a bag, do laundry (at times I have been known to take my dirty clothes home and wash them there – trifling, I know), get my hair to look like I put a comb near it…and ultimately I’d just look homely at the airport.  After a chance run in with Usher in the airport, I decided to try to look cute whenever possible because you never know who you will meet!  Navigating thru the lines while juggling a laptop bag and suitcase, pulling out your identification and boarding pass, stripping for TSA – it is not easy to look good at the airport, but it can be done!!!

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This time around, I’m going to start with the hair.  I want to look great when I arrive, but while travelling I’m good with just looking put together.  Also, the airport can be damaging!!!  Between the straps of your bags catching your hair, the bacteria filled drying material of the head rest on airplanes, and the altitude messing with your moisture levels, my priority is always avoiding damage!  Plus, I always take a nap on the plane, like I said I normally travel after exams so I’m exhausted.  I absolutely hate trying to get comfortable and my hair (ponytail, bun, clips) prevents me from getting much needed rest!  So, I’m looking for styles that are easy and fast, stylish but protect my hair, and will allow me to arrive looking great.

So – there are a number of options.  Hats are awesome!  I have been pincurled braided, even worn rollers beneath a knit beanie while travelling and no one was the wiser.  Sometimes I swoop some hair out in the front, other times I have it pulled back.  Now, I wouldn’t suggest rollers at the airport because TSA does at times make you remove your hat, but a low pony, bun, pincurls, even cornrows for a braidout are all fine!  Plus you can place a satin cap on first and your hair will not suffer at all.

hairstyles what to wear to the airport

Top knots are another great way to go – your hair is pulled up and if twisted around, you can release it after you arrive for perfectly messy waves.  Try to secure with a spin pin or as little hair pins as possible because they have been known to cause the metal detectors to go off.  Lastly a side braid is an awesome option too…no worries of your hair preventing you from resting comfortably in your seat, you can sling it over the shoulder that you aren’t carrying bags and its so cute!  Plus just like the top knot you can take it out for loose waves when you arrive if you want.

hairstyle ideas for traveling

Now onto the clothes!  For some reason in my head monochromatic looks with pops of color are super chic at the airport.  I hate being bogged down with coats at airport but the plane is usually freezing, so a large scarf is a standard accessory for me.  Flats are also a given, yes I wanna look cute but walking with heels while pulling a bag is not my idea of a good time.  You can do the standard sweats/leggings and t-shirt but there are equally comfortable options that step it up a knot to make you look effortlessly chic!

My major tips – avoid complicated shoes (lace ups, knee high boots), they may be cute but they are a paint to get off at security checkpoint.  Keep your accessories to a minimal – belts have to be removed, earrings and necklaces usually do also and overall its a hassle.  Lastly, wear something you can move easily in – stretchy knits and natural fabrics work best.

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Airport Style Inspiration #1
I love sweater dresses.  They are long (i.e. warm), comfortable and depending on the type you buy ultimately flattering.  I will admit that I do normally wear Uggs, but I know there is a whole movement to have them removed from the face of the planet so I included another option – booties for all those who are anti-uggs.

What to Wear to the Airport - Style #1

Aiprort Style Inspiration #2
Try a pair of harem pants – whether in a print or solid color they are usually flattering, even for those with wider bottoms (you’d be surprised) and in a soft fabric making them roomy and comfortable.  Add a basic top with colorful shoes and bag and you’re set!

What to Wear to the Airport - Style #3
Only two ideas this time, but I hope you enjoyed this post, safe travels!
  • Robyn Kleinhans

    Girl, these tips are awesome, especially s I’ve experienced a lot of the pain the backside issues of the airport. As a kid, we traveled by car, bus or train. So my mom always taught me to look good getting in the car/bus/train so that one does not look a hot mess on arrival. This did not help when flew for the first time, as for the first time I had to deal with airport security and removing belt, high lace up boot, earrings, necklace, bangles, watch, wide alice band, scarf and jacket all at the same TIME. I was sooooo annoyed. I of course learned from my mistakes, but traveling does not get truly easy EVER, especially in the International Terminals.

  • Tonkabelle

    These are some very good tips for travelling and you are absolutely right about not having too many hair pins in your hair when doing the top knot, I suggest just using an ouchless hair band, however I think the side braid is the best to relax in. I try as much as possible to ensure I am not wearing any metal such as belts, even fake huge earrings I also try to wear simple shoes that do not have metal in them.

  • Cute outfits.. I love the neon tip flats and the bag to match! The outfits are comfortable yet chic add minus the pat down

  • I’m all about easy access when flying. TSA be tripping, so I don’t let them say nothing. I come prepared. No belts, no heels, no nada. Just easy breezy. Great outfit suggestions.