Chic Chick: What to Wear to Your Baby Shower

Well, I do not have any children and therefore have never had a baby shower.  But, I can empathize with wanting to look super cute for the occasion, after all you are the center of attention and will have tons of photos to see for years to come!  Personally, I would want to look great but be comfortable.  Here are my suggestions on what to wear to your baby shower:

    • Dresses:  Putting one garment on is easy and cool, plus you do want to be a lil jazzy for the special day!  If you aren’t a dress lady, wear a long tunic to give the same silhouette with a pair of maternity leggings.
    • Jewel Tones: Rich monochromatic colors are eye catching and slimming (red, magenta, blue, yellow, green)
    • Wrap and/or Empire Waists:  Both of these waistlines are flattering and roomy for your expanding belly.
    • Flats or Wedges:  Flats are the most comfortable but for those who are super chic, I would say not to go with heels but rather wedges.  Wedges give you height but are easier to wear long term than traditional high heels.  And if you suffer with swelling feet, thong sandals are probably best of all.
    • Blazers and sweaters:  If you choose a sleeveless or strapless dress, you may want to be prepared with a light covering.  For one, indoor showers usually have air conditioning in the summertime.  Secondly, you may not want your arms exposed – that is probably the LEAST flattering area on my body.  Open blazers and sweaters are slimming and give your outfit that last bit of polish needed.

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I’ve created three different looks with the elements above that I think flatter every beautiful pregnant woman’s frame to give you a bit of inspiration:

Look #1
For this first look, I paired a very vibrant red faux wrap maternity dress with comfortable but chic black and leopard print ballerina flats.  This outfit works not only for your baby shower, but any dressy event you may have to attend during your pregnancy – black tie affair, wedding, even a job interview.
Look #2
A blue jewel toned empire waist tunic dress top with stretchy maternity leggings is both casual but cute.  Add a bit more pizzazz with wedge sandals and coordinating accessories.
Look #3
Maxi dresses are probably the preferred “uniform” for most pregnant women.  They usually feature an empire waist, plenty of room for  your belly and can be belted after you deliver.  If you decide to go maxi, I suggest a fun print.  Because of the length of the dress, you can go as casual as a flip flop and still look great.  A bib necklace to adorn your neck, simple shrug and you are perfectly cute for the occasion!

Ever heard the saying the bigger the hair, the smaller the hips?  It’s true, anything BIG is flattering and balances out your belly.  I personally prefer updos as well because hair piled up on your head is slimming to the face.  There are a few options for big haired updos as worn by some of your favorite preggo and non-pregnant celebrities:

Bun Updo
Simple but uber chic!

Beehive or Pompadour

If you prefer to wear your hair down…again remember BIGGER IS BETTER!  Go as diva as you wanna!  Throw on a wig, weave or u-part.  Do a big chunky twist out, wear a blown out afro, do it up!

Big Down Styles:

Here are a few more photos for inspiration of ladies looking quite fashionable while expecting!
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  • Candice

    Nice!!! I don’t do shoes under 4 1/2 inches so flats are a no no lol…………….I would like to see links to where we can purchase some of these items, that would be cool :) ……………..btw, did you ever receive my reply to the email I sent. I would love to start the January 30 day challenge today, the first day is the fit test, any other ladies who would like to do it also is more than welcomed :) I’m putting the link so you all have no excuse, just 12 minutes a day ladies!!

    • Ebony CPrincess

      Whoooo girl, I’m so coming down off my high-high heel kick. Get me a good 3″ and I’m good! lol.

  • Ashley

    Super cute choices & styles for the mommies. Great reminder that you can still look cute & fashion forward even when carrying a bundle of joy.

    • Ebony CPrincess

      Thanks! I think so too.