China Glaze Tranzitions Demo & Colorblock Nail Art Tutorial

China Glaze Tranzitions Demo & Colorblock Nail Art Tutorial

I was so excited about the release of the China Glaze Tranzitions collection that I literally bought four colors the week they were released (before my no-buy went into effect!). I try not to get too into trendy polishes because the last time I went HAM for a special effects collection with the whole shatter/crackle phenomenon it came and went so quickly, it reminded me of the rise and fall of Karl Kani.  Or Fubu.  Or any of the other clothing brands I begged my mom to overspend on only to not want to wear them a year or two later.  But I digress…the point is, I normally pass on fad polishes (magnetic, nail stickers, even the current liquid sand).  But these got me hype – just check out the information from the China Glaze Tranzitions press release:
China Glaze® Introduces Tranzitions Color Changing Collection
Los Angeles, CA – (December 2012): There’s nail art and then there’s China Glaze® nail couture.  Reverse French manicure, half moons, ombre, basket weave, dots or racing stripes: nail designs are intricate and multi-colored.  China Glaze® introduces a new way to get multi-color, unique nail art with fewer bottles of polish with the new color-changing Tranzitions collection!
China Glaze® Tranzitions’ revolutionary new nail lacquer reacts when a clear top coat is applied, changing the color from one shade to another for a stunning effect.  Wear any of the six beautiful, color-shifting shades alone, or allow your creativity to run wild and create intricate nail designs by applying a top coat in specific places.  Try different looks using nail art brushes, free-hand designs or nail guides.  Because each shade changes color, you get two lacquers in one, creating an entirely new look with just one swipe.

There are a total of six polishes in the collection – but I was good and only bought four!  For the color blocked nail art design above, I only used two of the China Glaze Tranzitions polishes – SplitPerson-Nail-ity (dusty pink shifts to fushia) and Duplicityy (mint green shifts to vibrant teal).

Check out the demonstration and tutorial:

My thoughts:
I really like the concept of the polishes, however as someone who has been free handing nail art for a while, I found them a bit difficult to master on the first try.  First, I think thinner coats would be much better.  I know CG claims they give full coverage in just one coat, but I didn’t find that to be true even with rather thick coats!  Secondly, I used a polymer type of top coat which usually are a bit thicker.  I think a cheapie Wet n’ Wild thin top coat would give cleaner, better results unless (my third point) nail striping tape is used to create clean lines.  I also think these polishes should come with instructions, I literally had to go to the China Glaze website to find out if I should use a base coat and whether or not I should wait for the polishes to dry before adding the top coat.  I did like that they layer quite nicely!  Overall, I think China Glaze Tranzitions’ polishes are an innovative product and I’m looking forward to trying them again – this time following my own advice.

Any of you own or tried any of the China Glaze Tranzitions polishes?

  • Mimi Scarlett

    I have been wanting to try these but for the price I’m afraid they will fall into the abyss that is my nail polish bin. I’m still on the fence about purchasing. I love the colors

    • Girl, I know what you mean – I generally stay away from “fad” nail polishes. I went HAM on the shatter trend and now? Nobody is checking for shatter/crackles! lol