I’m Struggling with Winter Dryness

I’m Struggling with Winter Dryness


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This winter has been absolutely BRUTAL!!!  I remember having a few crazy snowstorms last year, but this year it has just seemed abnormally long.  And it’s giving me the blues…I think I’m experiencing slight seasonal affective disorder.  Or I’m just being a bit dramatic! 🙂  Anyway my body is responding by simply drying completely out!  Ragged cuticles, chapped lips, flaky face, rough heels and DRY HAIR!  I swear I think my body has less than the normal amount of water – females are 50% water, I must be batting around 30% right now.  Plus, like everyone in the north western hemisphere of the globe I am staying indoors as much as humanly possible to stay warm and therefore am enduring dry heat 24 hours a day.  It has definitely started to show in my hair.

Although I’m doing all protective and low manipulation styles, I can’t get lazy and forget to make the appropriate changes to my regimen to battle the dryness.  So, the first step to fight winter dryness was to track my water intake.  Hydration starts from the inside, so I aim to drink at least 64 ounces of water per day and cut back on sodium.  This always makes such a huge difference in not only my hair but all the other issues I mentioned, plus it helps with weight loss.  Drinking enough water has always been a struggle for me; What has helped is using my planner to check off how much water I’ve consumed as the day continues; something about seeing it on paper gives me such a feeling of accomplishment!  My daily page printouts have a hydration tracker and this is definitely working for me.  I have a dedicated 24 ounce cup so I drink and refill 3 times per day which ensures I’ve gotten my minimum amount of water.

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I also have had to get back to moisturizing AND sealing!  Since I’m not touching my hair day to day, it is easy for me to forget this important step, but I’ve returned to using my all time favorite Bee Mine Balanced Cream Moisturizer and sealing with a heavy oil (castor).  My hair has been feeling so much better, even if my styles aren’t lasting quite as long.  Lastly, I keep my hair up and protected, away from my scarves and sweaters.  When I wear a hat, I always have on a bonnet beneath.  I really want to take it one step further and use a humidifier (which helps with breathing during winter also) but I haven’t taken that plunge just yet!  Anyway, here’s a visual of a few tips to help you fight hair dryness in winter weather.  Happy Hair Growing!

How to Fight Hair Dryness During Winter, how to fix hair dryness in winter, natural hair dryness, cure hair dryness, hair dryness remedy longing 4 length ebony c princess

  • My hair and skin have been rebelling against this horrible winter, too! I was supposed to get a humidifier last month and totally forgot. It would definitely help with this nasal infection I have going on now :-/

  • Girl, you are not being dramatic! I think we all want Elsa to bring summer back! These are some great tips. Winter is so hard on my hair that I started deep conditioning with heat. Blessings!

  • candace

    I am in the same boat. Chicago winters are no joke but this one is in a league of its own. My hair and body have been so dry. No matter how much I moisturize it’s never enough. I’m gonna try out some heavier moisturizers and see how that helps.

  • Li

    I live in Sweden and one tips i can give you is to clearly Wash your face in the evening and put on oil or a thick créme. In the morning, only wipe ypur face with a damp cloth, no exess Water. Moist your pores Will cool the skin down and crack it when you go out in the cold. Rather Wash your face with oil than Water.