CrazySexyCool: TLC Actually Wore Their Own Hair!

CrazySexyCool: TLC Actually Wore Their Own Hair!




I know I am in plenty of good company with millions of fans who obsessively watched the TLC biopic CrazySexyCool on Monday evening, right?  Can I tell ya’ll that I purchased that album FOUR times?  Yup.  First on cassette – lost it.  Replaced on cassette.  Then CDs came out and I needed it on compact disc.  Loaned out – never returned.  Now this was at the height of Napster and file sharing but also the news of TLC declaring bankruptcy and being broke came out.  So I refused to illegally download and wanted those girls to get their 7 cents (per Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez) so once again I repurchased the album!  Along with two friends we performed Waterfalls and Creep in a talent show during middle school.  I am in LOVE with that group and the movie was freakin fantastic!


During the movie, of course I was up doing all of the dance moves along with the actresses.  And can I just say that if I have only one criticism, its that we did not get nearly enough performing?  Compared to other music stories like The Jacksons, The Temptations and What’s Love Got to Do With It….I needed MORE singing!  MORE dancing!  MOREEEEE!  So naturally after the movie went off, I started watching videos of all of my favorite TLC songs from back in the day.  Baby Baby Baby!  What About Your Friends, Ain’t to Proud to Beg, Creep, Diggin on You, Red Light Special…I was going IN hunny!

Members of the musical group TLC hold some of the

After I burned a few calories and calmed down enough to actually WATCH the videos….I reminisced on how we all crushed on TLC’s style.  Who didn’t want Chili’s baby hair and beautiful waves?  And the only time in life I ever wanted to cut my hair is to get T-Boz’s style…but my mom shut me down because I was only about 12.  Whenever Left Eye wore her hair down it was always in the silkiest looking wrap!  It hit me that these girls are genuine natural beauties!


They wore minimal makeup, were proud of their bodies without being vulgar and actually rocked their own hair!  Unheard of with the singers of today!  Sure, later they used weave, wigs and extensions but it certainly was not the basis of their look.  Tiny in stature, they never had breast or booty implants, and even today don’t have an overly made up image.


Honestly, its about time their story was told and I only wish the movie was a two-part five hour special because I definitely wanted more!

1999 Kid's Choice Awards

Which TLC hairstyle did you love best?


For me, I would have to say Chili because I’ve always loved long hair.  But I also love T-Boz best as a blond with some version of a bob and Left Eye with red hair.  So…I guess I can’t pick just one!


  • OM

    Wonderful post! Reading this brings back so many memories! I loved TLC! They were classy. They don’t make them like that anymore! I’m based in the uk and haven’t heard about the biopic but will definitely look out for it. I can’t believe they word their own hair. Again, lovely post! Thanks for bringing back some fond memories.

    • Ohhhh man! I didn’t realize it was showing only in the US first! I’m sure you can find it posted somewhere online, trust me it’s worth the trouble!

  • Stella Jackson

    OMG, I’m soo glad you wrote a post about TLC, I just finished watching the movie (I live in London but still found a way, lool). I loved TLC and Left eye was my favourite member and this biopic brought back alot of great memories; I even cried at one point. TLC are definitely one of my favourite girl groups. I always wanted Chilli’s hair when I was a little girl but I loved Left eye’s hair aswell. This is a great post, thanks for sharing xxx

    • I’m glad you found a way, I was just telling the below commenter to do the same because it is worth it! It brought back a ton of memories for me also and I’m ready for their new music…what did you think of the new song “Meant to Be” at the end? I loveeeeed it!

      • Stella Jackson

        Yeah, I watched it online…ybf and thatgrapejuice have links on their site. I actually bought the TLC 20 album and meant to be is on it; I listen to it everyday on my way to work. I can’t wait for them to release some new material, they are sooo talented.

  • Hair Licious

    I have yet to see this. It hasn’t aired yet in Canada..Ugh!!! Anyway, I’m sure I can find it online somewhere. I Love love love love TLC. They were one of my favourite girl groups back in the day along with SWV and Kut Klose. As for my favourite style, I adored TBoz’s style the most. The mushroom cut was so IN back in the day. I remember being in grade 2 wanting this hair style too LOL. Oh the good ‘ol days of music 🙂

    • I knowwww, there were so many amazing groups back then – both female and male. I wish dancing groups who can actually sing would make a comeback, sheesh!!! You’re gonna love the movie when you see it.

  • I loved T-boz’s hair especially how it changed with every new album, different variations of her signature cut. I wanted the movie to be longer as well. I’m still listening to all their music now it brought back do many great memories. It seriously made me sad to learn they weren’t making any money off their music. I played CrazySexyCool to death, everyone was buying their music and they were being shafted, smh.

  • This movie took me back. I love(d) TLC and Left Eye was definitely my favorite. T-boz and Chili were cool, but Left Eye was my girl. It was so great to look back and appreciate them for all that they did. I was a great movie and I was definitely crying by the end.