Crochet Braids: A Great Protective Style

Crochet Braids: A Great Protective Style


When we speak of long term protective styles, the first options that come to mind are usually sew-in weaves, wigs, braids and/or twist hairstyles.  Crochet braids are a lesser known, but equally great protective style that works wonderfully for natural, relaxed and transitioning  hair.

Crochet Braids Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length - FabEllis
Ashley of in her fabulous crochet braids!

Crochet braids are a styling technique that involves braiding your hair into a cornrow base.  Just like with a sew-in, various braiding patterns are used for different looks – straight back, circular and more.  After your hair has been braided, loose (bulk) hair is attached to the cornrows using a latch hook, which is how this style got its name – “crochet braids.”  You may choose to use either human or synthetic hair but curly textures give the best results because their fullness usually hides the cornrows and attached hair.

There are no chemicals, thread, bonding glue or any other adhesives used to create the style.  All of your hair is braided down, making it a full protective style.  You are able to wash, condition and moisturize your hair beneath the hair the same way you would with a sew-in weave.  Crochet braids generally last about 6-8 weeks with proper care.

Crochet Braids 2013 - Simply Into My HAIR
Tama of Simply Into My Hair in her Crochet Braids Style

Whenever you are ready, the crochet braids are removed by simply unbraiding your hair.  If you are interested in seeing exactly how crochet braids are installed, check out this great video tutorial by natural hair vlogger African Export:

One of the advantages to crochet braids is they place less tension on your hair than weaves because no thread  or sewing is involved.  Also, synthetic hair seems to work well with this style, costing much less than investing in human hair extensions. To remove the style, you simply cut the extensions close to but not through the knot, apply a bit of oil for lubrication, then lightly pull the hair loose from your cornrow.  You can see this demonstrated below:

 Myself, I have never actually worn crochet braids but Tama of Simply Into My Hair has installed them several times and luckily for you blogged about it each time!  Check out all her posts on crochet braids for more information and different styles.  

If you have worn crochet braids and have any advice regarding them, please leave a comment below!

Thank you Tama (Simply Into My Hair) and Ashley (FabEllis) for use of your amazing photos, be sure to check out their blogs for additional hair and beauty tips for both relaxed and natural hair respectively!

Crochet Braids Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length - FabEllis

  • Chelle Lumpkin

    I loved my crotchet braids, such a flexible style, you can work out in the style, getting it down is a cinch, Keeping the hair moisturized and sealed was really easy too, the only thing about them was the take down part or even maybe it was the hair I had. I didn’t like how my curly hair tangled too easily, I had the go-go curl from freetress. but if you can install them yourselves unlike me, do it at least twice to see how you like it, i loved it and can see myself getting them again

    • Thank you for your feedback, I think I am going to try them this summer and I’m super excited!

  • Thank you again for including my pictures! I love the post and love the fact that you included in depth details and a video on how to remove them. This is by far my favorite protective style and I love sew ins and braids so that says a lot. 🙂

    • I’m excited to try them this summer – I just had my mom come look at this post and she is interested too! Thanks Ash!

  • Hi Ebony

    Thanks so much for featuring me on this blog post. You know I love me some crochet braids!!!!

    I’ve recently converted my sister, she’s currently on her third set since Christmas which I have had the pleasure if installing for her.

    They are so versatile and natural looking and the minimal tension is a huge plus point!!!!

  • Alexandra

    I tried the whole crochet braids about a month ago, or well, tried *installing* them would be a better explanation. Failed miserably. Watched all the videos that I could get my little hands on, did extensive research, realized that I would rather save money than get it done in a salon, and when I tried, nothing. The hair seemed too silky, I guess. I’m not too sure. But, do the braids have to be tight (not too tight that it looks like you’ve gotten Botox, but tight enough) and done in a certain way? Because I clearly have no idea and I clearly have no idea how to cornrow.

    • Jimmy

      If u can’t do corn rows properly, crochet braids will not install. Get someone to corn row for u

  • Stella

    …the are the best protective style ever

  • Sherisys

    I love this style!! if I didn’t have locs I would try it! I will keep this in mind when I decide to cut my locs and need a protective style!

  • Lucia Masie

    what brand or what kind hair do the ladies in the pictures use?

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