Crochet Braids for Maturing Naturals

Crochet Braids for Maturing Naturals


Crochet braids are an incredible protective style for a few reasons:  none of your hair is left out making it very low maintenance and healthy for your hair, they look best using synthetic (bulk) hair which makes it a very inexpensive style, and it is super simple to install and remove.  For all of these reasons, my mom decided to take the plunge with the trend, but as she is a “maturing natural” – she did NOT want a voluminous, full look with tons of length.  That look just isn’t her plus she envisioned a more nature looking style that would be virtually maintenance free.

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We decided on a slightly tapered afro crochet braids style with no parts and just enough fullness to cover her parts and braids.  To begin, I shampooed and deep conditioned mom’s hair with Good Hair in a Bottle products, which I’ve previously reviewed.  Next I blow dried and cornrowed her hair with a bit of kanekalon hair in a beehive (circular) pattern.  I coiled the hair on perm rods set in boiling water then attached to the base using a latch hook.  Watch me walk you through creating this style step by step in the crochet braids tutorial below:

I used Freetress Equal marley cuban twist hair (3 packs – two cut in half, one cut in half with two quarters).  I separated about half of the coils and fluffed to style.  For a fuller look, you can separate all of the hair.  This style should last 4-6 weeks, to maintain simply cover at night with a satin bonnet. Don’t forget to moisturize your hair beneath using a spray leave-in conditioner about 3-4 days per week.

Crochet Braids Style How To, Good Hair in a Bottle, Longing 4 Length EbonyCPrincess
My mom loved her style – she’s always so wary about trying something new and it looking too young, too full, too shiny, too long…the list goes on and on.  And I get it.  She’s not looking for booty length, glamorous hair.  She wants to feel comfortable, be able to wear to work and church and can wake up and go without a lot of maintenance.  I think crochet braids are her perfect solution, we’ll be trying this style again with different hair in a couple of months.

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  • Sherisys

    I love it!!! Bev looks great!!

  • Sherisys

    She looks just like her mother!!!

    • Omgosh, I know! And starting to act just like her too! lol

  • Toia

    She looks great. I never thought about making them shorter. So Ebony are you going to give crochet braids a try? I just realized we haven’t seen you in them.

    • I know right?! It’s definitely a style I plan to get around to because I really like the look!