Crochet Braids Senegalese Twists Tutorial

Crochet Braids Senegalese Twists Tutorial


I’ve been working with my little cousin to help repair her broken hair (see previous tutorial here), she has beautiful natural 3c/4a hair but damaged it after removing her last set of individual box braids.  The result was areas of her hair that extremely short.  I considered giving her a tapered cut or even and “undercut” look, but decided either may be a bit too adult for her age and personality.  So we decided to do crochet braids since it doesn’t place as much tension as individuals, plus they are faster and easier to install and remove.

I was downright gleeful when, after a quick trip to my local beauty supply store, I discovered Freetress now offers tons of hair textures and types specifically for crochet braids!  Large, small and micro Senegalese twists – the hair is already twisted, the ends do not require burning, tying, or knotting and it is ready to be installed via the crochet braid method!  Evidently it is a huge hit because the store was sold out of most options and said Freetress didn’t even have any more in stock.  So, I ended up getting 5 packs of the micro twist size, which was perfectly fine, to create the style.

To begin, I shampooed and conditioned my cousin’s hair then cornrowed her hair flat.  I was in somewhat of a hurry and didn’t do the BEST job braiding her hair as I should have, plus I had to get creative to cover the areas of her hair where it is really short.  Because I didn’t want the crochet technique to be fully exposed in the front, I left a bit of her hair out to do traditional individual Senegalese twists to cover the “row” of crochets.  Below is a quick tutorial showing the hair and the easy installation of the crochet braid Senegalese twists – super simple and fast!

If doing this on an adult, I recommend making the cornrows much smaller and closer together (so the scalp won’t show as much) and leaving a bit more “loose” hair in the front and edges to camouflage the crochet braids.  I used the same hair to do the loose twists, simply separated the Freetress hair, attached it to her hair by braiding then retwisted the hair following the hair’s natural pattern.  You can see the contrast between the front row of crochet braids versus the individual twists in the photo below.

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She decided the hair was too long for her taste but rather than cut it and risk the twists unraveling, we decided to create an updo.  My cousin requested a bow bun, which I did with the top half then did a french braid in the back.  This was the final result:

crochet braids senegalese twist