Cute Protective Styles: Favorites of the L4LPSC

Cute Protective Styles: Favorites of the L4LPSC

cute protective styles


I think throughout the L4LPSC I’ve proven that cute protective styles do exist.  You do not have to resort to the same ole bun everyday or rely solely on extensions and wigs (unless you want to, of course).  If you want dressier ‘dos or to break out of your styling repertoire  here are my favorites from our three month challenge:

As mentioned in the video, I created tutorials for each of these cute protective styles and the links are provided below:

  1. Braided Crown Updo
  2. How to French Braid
  3. Goddess Braids Tutorial
  4. Twisted Bun Updo
  5. Braid-Twist-Pincurl Updo
  6. Jumbo Twisted Crown
  7. Beyoncé Inspired Updo
  8. Outre “Evony” Half Wig

I also wore a few wigs throughout the challenge but not as many as I thought I would – surprisingly!

cute protective styles

From left to right:  Outre Evony Half Wig, full wig made with Perfect Locks virgin Indian curly hair, u-part wig from Tonsure Hair.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge; I hope you found it to be immensely beneficial to your hair.  There are several women who lurked the challenge – not signing up officially but still checked in to show support and kept their hair hidden along with us, thank you to you as well!  Hopefully you found my styles to be somewhat creative.  I listed my favorites in one post and video to serve as an “index” for finding past tutorials easily.  It also serves as a quick review of all of the cute protective styles I created during the challenge.  Thanks for visiting!

  • Misskthpriss

    I was one of those lurkers. Thanks for doing this. It really helped me learn more about my hair and how to style. I was so used to a wrap, that I never even took the time to learn. After this challenge I can proudly say I know how to style my hair….now to master the roller set!

    • This is such a great comment! I actually am now looking forward to returning to the wrap! lol!

  • Gorgeous styles Ebony! It’s so easy to get stuck in a pro’ styling rut. I do get bored of bunning most of the time

  • You really are the best at making cute protective styles!