Detangling Method: 3Comb Smooth & Hercules Sagemann Combs Review

Detangling Method: 3Comb Smooth & Hercules Sagemann Combs Review


This post is long overdue – but let me just begin by saying I absolutely LOVE my Hercules Sagemann combs!   I’ve mentioned the 3Comb detangling method sporadically in random wash day posts or hair rambles but this post gives all the details and includes the combs I use.  Pardon the length of the post, you know I like my reviews to be thorough and will probably refer back to it often in future posts…so settle in and bear with me.

When I saw the review for the Magic Rake Comb on 6 Foot Long Hair and went to the website to order, being my normal inquisitive self I decided to look around the site for other ways to blow my money essential tools I need.  I stumbled on their 3Comb Smooth post and was immediately intrigued!  I ordered three combs:  The 5660 (Magic Jumbo Rake), HS1975 (Styling Comb), and the 6450 (tail comb) to use for detangling.  My total was $41.05 after a 10% discount code was applied.  I know what you are thinking – if you are still reading and didn’t immediately click the x at the top of your browser when you saw that amount.  You’re thinking $40 on three combs?  What you smokin on ECP?!

Well…I’m completely sober!  *Girl Scout Honor* Clearly you already know my hair is important to me, so this may not be all that shocking.  These combs are seamless, burr free, non-porous, hygienic, hand sawed, sturdy, and extremely non-damaging.  Prior to purchasing these combs, I always thought that SOME breakage whenever you combed your hair was normal.  Yes, almost three years into my HHJ and I still check the hairs in the comb for that little white bulb to see if its shed or broken.  If 90% of the hair was indeed shedding (had the bulb), I accepted the other 10% of broken hair as inevitable.

hercules sagemann combs

Then these combs came into my life.  First off, rollersetting on its own has brought my breakage WAY down.  But even though I had much less breakage compared to airdrying – and even saw a decrease shedding for that matter – I still lost more hair than I’d like during the setting process.  The first time I used these combs to detangle and rollerset, I was in awe!  I lost a fraction of the hair that I normally did! The combs are super sturdy and just glide through my hair.  If wearing a rollerwrap, there are times during the week while wrapping/unwrapping that I see absolutely NO broken hair, only that which has shed.  These combs have made a huge difference in the health of my hair and I really believe that long term they will be a huge contributor to not only retaining length but maintaining thick, healthy ends.  Even when I was 10 weeks post, these combs and this method made my hair VERY manageable and was still extremely effective in detangling.
Now…for the sake of completeness for the review, I also used this same method (3Comb Smooth) with other combs.  It also gave me better results then just using whatever comb I deemed appropriate.  Being systematic with the three different sizes, regardless of the brand of combs used, makes a difference.  The 3 comb system  + the Hercules combs makes an even greater difference.  To be fair, not all of my “other” combs are truly seamless though.  One of my shower combs definitely has something around the part where the rubber balls are (see picture, particularly the blue one).  Not sure if its a seam or if the tips just cause a raised edge but it probably does more harm then I think.  Also when I switch back to the “other” combs, I am back to seeing 5-10% breakage regularly.  What I didn’t do was purchase 3 seamless combs from other brands to compare.  Although there are probably cheaper seamless combs of great quality, I will say that as expensive as they are, if I lost either the Jumbo Rake or the Styling Comb, I’d pay to replace it from Hercules-Sagemann.  And I have, lol!  I left my HS1975 styling comb home over Christmas holiday and after realizing my mom couldn’t locate it, decided to just leave it there and order another one.  So I can say…I do think the combs were worth every bit of my $40; the only one I say you can pass on is the tail comb.  I have two other dupes of that comb and there isn’t a huge difference, BUT I am still glad I bought it.
Hope you found this review helpful!  Thanks for reading.
For those that are more visual, I recorded a couple of videos with the same info.
Thought this was important enough to be sure to share via both outlets.
  • I had to stop using my comb like your blue one. I noticed I continually had a ridiculous amount of breakage with mine and that was partly due to the tips snagging on my hair and coming off.
    I’m going to try this method more consistently because I am tired of my hair being all over the place.

  • I am a product junkie always in search of a cure to my detangling problems. This post is causing me to have a relapse. I see some new combs in my future.

  • Great review ECP!!!! I also have 3 HS combs, although I did have 4. It’s my tail comb that is MIA. I have not seen it since last May!!! I won’t replace it though as I agree there are other dupes available.

    I am tempted to get the styling comb you have as I’m not over the moon with my HS styling comb (I don’t remember the model number but it is on my review) I really like the look of yours and I think the combs are well worth every penny. I wouldn’t be without my jumbo sale and my mini rake. l

  • Great Review!!! I love the Jumbo Rake Comb and the HS1975!! I’m glad you do too. I believe these combs are a great investment to all wanting to keep their hair healthy..and I also believe all salons should invest in these too.

  • Anonymous

    i completely get spendng that kinda money on just 3 SEEMINGLY ordinary combs! Unfortunately i do not live in the states and the shipping may be way too much … I am wishing i could buy ’em though … Who knows one day … I have also been drooling over the quidad double detangling comb, but that alone is $40 and im sure the shipping would make me

  • I’m just about to order these combs right now. I’m in love!

  • Shawnie

    After debating for too long, I just ordered the Jumbo Rake and HS1975. I cant wait for them to arrive; the under processed areas of my hair have been making detangling a nightmare!

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